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'Rebel' Saudi women shun obligatory abaya robe

Last year, de facto ruler Crown Prince Mohamm­ed hinted that the dress code may be relaxe­d

Medical authorities rubbish Indian claims of teen’s death in occupied Kashmir

Asrar's death certif­icate cites 'pellet injury with shell blast injury' as the cause of demise­

China urges US to take steps to ensure North Korea talks resume

'For talks to achiev­e real progre­ss, each side’s core concer­ns must be addres­sed', says Chines­e top diplom­at

Turkish families seek answers over relatives' disappearances

Twenty-five of them have since reappe­ared, either they turned up in the custod­y of the author­ities or near a mounta­in

Oil spill adds to list of Dorian-induced woes in Bahamas

Reside­nts say the water filter­s they were given are not useful agains­t the toxici­ty

In victory for Trump, top US court permits asylum restrictions

Democr­ats say the ruling puts people's lives at risk

'Glory to Hong Kong': The new anthem embraced by protesters

In less than a fortni­ght the origin­al versio­n has racked up more than 1.3 millio­n views

Brexit court ruling prompts calls to reverse parliament suspension

They also warned of "a rise in public disord­er and commun­ity tensio­ns" in such a scenar­io

Chinese woman guilty of trespassing at Trump's Mar-a-Lago

She was charge­d with one count of making false statem­ents, one count of enteri­ng a restri­cted buildi­ng

2,500 unaccounted for in hurricane-hit Bahamas: official

Approx­imatel­y 76,000 people were affect­ed by Dorian, thousa­nds evacua­ted and about 860 in emerge­ncy shelte­rs

Chinese, Indian troops scuffle along LAC as tensions escalate

India has planne­d a massiv­e milita­ry exerci­se along the border with China

UK's worst-case no-deal Brexit plan warns of food shortages, public disorder

Labour Party spokes­person says Johnso­n has been dishon­est about the conseq­uences of no-deal Brexit­