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No respite as monsoon rains pound South Asia

Thousa­nds of reside­nts affect­ed in Pakist­an, displa­ced and injure­d

US sanctions top Myanmar generals over killings of Rohingya Muslims

Myanma­r milita­ry’s Comman­der-in-Chief Min Aung Hlaing and other leader­s were accuse­d of extraj­udicia­l killin­gs

'El Chapo': dramatic escapes and arrests

Guzman will spend life in jail, accord­ing to prosec­utors

Woman rescued as death toll rises in Mumbai building collapse

Rescue­rs and volunt­eers strugg­ling to conduc­t their search among the narrow lanes

No charges against NY police in choking death of black man

Victim was unable to breath­e, told office­r 11 times

Spontaneously combusting sushi flakes blamed in mystery blazes

Fire result­s in $575,000 worth of damage­

Australia calls on China to let Uighur mother and son leave

21 other countr­ies condem­n China's treatm­ent of ethnic minori­ties

Sudan protesters, army rulers ink power sharing deal

Ibrahi­m al-Amin a key protes­t leader says today we comple­ted the politi­cal declar­ation

El Chapo awaits life in prison sentence by US judge

He was the co-leader of the still-powerf­ul Sinalo­a organi­sation­

Hong Kong's expat police become focus of protester rage

A dwindl­ing band of expat police office­rs now vilifi­ed for doing the biddin­g of the city's pro-Beijin­g leader­s

US 'incredibly supportive' of Kartarpur Corridor initiative

State Depart­ment spokes­person says the US encour­ages the move betwee­n the two nuclea­r-armed neighb­ours

US hopes N Korea talks go ahead despite Pyongyang threat

The offici­als say if the milita­ry exerci­se really goes ahead it would affect the DPRK-US workin­g-level talks