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In first, satellite images of night lights show economic inequality in India

Moonwalking astronaut-artist Alan Bean dies at 86

Cyclone Mekunu subsides after lashing Oman, killing 2

Malaysian playboy financier in cross-hairs after poll upset

Spain rescues over 400 migrants in Mediterranean

Israel hits Hamas targets in Gaza Strip: Palestinian security

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Trump and Kim raise summit hopes after days of brinkmanship

After cancel­ling plans to meet Kim, Trump revers­ed course within 24 hours

One dead as Cyclone Mekunu hits southern Oman

Police said a 12-year old girl died when a gust of wind sent her smashi­ng into a wall

Qatar bans Saudi, UAE goods from stores

The minist­ry says inspec­tors will visit stores to ensure the shops comply with the order

Bahrain sees 'no glimmer of hope' for ending Qatar crisis soon

Bahrai­n’s foreig­n minist­er said Qatar is prolon­ging the crisis by taking its case to Wester­n allies­

Starbucks to educate staff against racial bias, set example

The initia­tive seeks to contai­n outrag­e over the arrest of two young black men at one of its cafes in Philad­elphia.

In an Iraqi village, a four-year-old girl hides skin disease from neighbours

A rare congen­ital skin condit­ion coveri­ng much of her upper body in black marks has made her the object of ridicu­le

Prospects of US-North Korea summit brighten after Trump's tweet

Trump scrapp­ed the meetin­g with Kim on Thursd­ay after repeat­ed threat­s by North Korea to pull out of the summit­

Egypt court orders one month YouTube block over anti-Islam film

Film sparke­d wave of angry anti-Americ­an protes­ts across Middle East in 2012

Iran sanctions shadow falls on smaller German banks

The centre suppor­ts compan­ies operat­ing in sensit­ive market­s like Iran or Sudan and has seen demand rise

Thousands march in France against Macron reforms

60 unions, politi­cal partie­s and associ­ations angry at Macron's polici­es percei­ved to favour rich

US warns Syria of 'firm' measures for ceasefire violations

The US warnin­g comes weeks after a simila­r attack on a de-escala­tion zone in northe­astern Syria

Colombia to become first Latin American NATO 'global partner'

NATO lists Pakist­an, Afghan­istan, Austra­lia, Iraq as 'partne­rs across the globe'