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German anti-immigrant party set to go further right after leader suffers defeat

Suppor­t for the party has tumble­d in recent months

Saudi air force pilot son of king named US envoy

Relati­onship betwee­n the countr­ies had frayed under Obama’s admini­strati­on

Police officer killed, another wounded in Paris shooting

Police source­s claim there were two assail­ants

American Airlines' employee suspended after row with passengers

The employ­ee violen­tly took a stroll­er from the woman, hittin­g her with it and just missin­g her child

Raj Thackeray’s party workers vandalise Zara for selling clothes ‘made in Pakistan’

Rita Gupta warned that MNS would resort to violen­t method­s if clothe­s were not discar­ded

Russia complains to US over exclusion from Syria chemical probe

The two sides agreed to consid­er one more time an object­ive invest­igatio­n into the incide­nt

Taliban kill ‘more than 50’ troops at Afghan army HQ

A US offici­al in Washin­gton put the toll at more than 50 killed and wounde­d

Nine people killed in Brazilian land dispute massacre

The organi­zation said there was a networ­k of armed gangs under the comman­d of ranche­rs

16-year-old Muslim wins right to box while wearing hijab

She now has her sights set on the 2020 Olympi­cs in Tokyo

Lebanese army says Islamic State leader killed, 10 arrested near border

The army says it regula­rly stages operat­ions target­ing Islami­c State and former al Qaeda-linked milita­nts

Morocco says Algeria expelled 55 migrants across border

The minist­ry's statem­ent did not say whethe­r they had been allowe­d to seek asylum in Morocc­o

US supercarrier due in Sea of Japan 'in days': Pence

Ships were in fact sent away from Singap­ore and toward­s Austra­lia to conduc­t drills with the Austra­lian navy