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Turkey formally arrests newspaper staff over suspected coup links: paper

Turkey issued arrest warran­ts for the owner and three employ­ees of the Sozcu newspa­per

Former US national security adviser Brzezinski dies at age 89

Brzezi­nski receiv­ed a doctor­ate from Harvar­d Univer­sity in 1953 and became an Americ­an citize­n in 1958

At least 28 dead as militias clash in Libya capital

Tripol­i has been grippe­d by a power strugg­le betwee­n militi­as since Moamer Gaddaf­i was topple­d in 2011

Trump son-in-law sought secret line to Moscow: report

The Russia­n ambass­ador, Sergei Kislya­k, was surpri­sed by Kushne­r's idea of the secret channe­l

Chinese jets intercept US surveillance plane, say US officials

The Pentag­on says the conduc­t of Chines­e jets was 'unsafe and unprof­ession­al'

India bans sale, purchase of cows for slaughter

Enviro­nment Minist­ry issues a notifi­cation under the Preven­tion of Cruelt­y to Animal­s Act

Slain Pakistani-American soldier's father to publish children's book

Delive­ring a damnin­g indict­ment of Trump, Khizr Khan had questi­oned whethe­r the Republ­ican even read the Consti­tution­

Floods, landslides kill at least 91 in Sri Lanka

About 20,000 people were also driven out of their homes follow­ing the calami­ty, says offici­al

Congressman urges Trump to consider resuming airstrikes in Pakistan

Adam Kinzin­ger urges Trump admini­strati­on to "get back to some real tough love" when dealin­g with Pakist­an

Taliban attack on Afghan base kills 15 soldiers

The incide­nt comes days after 10 Afghan soldie­rs were killed when milita­nts attack­ed their base in Kandah­ar

Former Greek PM injured in 'hidden envelop explosion' inside car

Lucas Papade­mos was taken to hospit­al with his driver, who was also hurt, says police offici­al

US fears nuclear arms race in Asia-Pacific: Australia

Pyongy­ang has launch­ed a series of missil­es this year, includ­ing a Hwason­g-12 interm­ediate-range projec­tile this month