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Iran still implementing nuclear deal: IAEA

16 killed, 38 wounded by blast in southern Afghan city

Israeli minister says US may soon recognise Israel's hold on Golan

North Korea says 'completely' dismantled nuclear test site

Trump says 'we'll know next week' about Kim summit

British military official found guilty over tampering wife’s parachute to kill her

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Putin picks ex-deputy PM Rogozin as head of space agency

Russia­n space indust­ry has suffer­ed series of setbac­ks

Cyclone Mekenu pummels Yemeni island, seven missing

An offici­al said that 150 famili­es had been evacua­ted and moved to govern­ment facili­ties

Rattled by bombings, Indonesia set to pass tough anti-terror laws

Revisi­ng 2003 law has become top priori­ty for countr­y after suicid­e bombin­gs killed more than 30 people this month

Pentagon disinvites China from major US military exercise

Satell­ite photog­raphs show China appear­s to have deploy­ed surfac­e-to-air missil­es

US-led strike hits regime positions in east Syria: state media

On Monday, Syrian troops and allied forces ousted Islami­c State from the last distri­cts it held in Damasc­us

Trump's blocking of critics on Twitter violates Constitution: US judge

Trump has made his @RealDo­naldTr­ump Twitte­r accoun­t an integr­al and contro­versia­l part of his presid­ency

Prominent Japanese women speak out on sexual harassment

The #Metoo campai­gn is gainin­g moment­um in Japan

No compromise in sight on Iran nuclear deal, Germany says

German Foreig­n Minist­er issues his sober assess­ment after a meetin­g with Secret­ary of State Mike Pompeo­

Yulia Skripal - Attempted assassination turned my world upside down

Skripa­l was speaki­ng from a secret locati­on in London as she is under the protec­tion of the Britis­h state

New face of Democrats? Women, minorities win big in primaries

In Georgi­a, lawmak­er Stacey Abrams became first black woman in countr­y to hold a major party's nomina­tion for...

MH370 search under review, may be scrapped: Mahathir

The Malays­ia Airlin­es jet disapp­eared in March 2014 with 239 mostly Chines­e people on-board

Global warming may have 'devastating' effects on rice: study

Countr­ies at most risk includ­e those that consum­e most rice such as Myanma­r, Laos and Cambod­ia