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Egypt Sinai researcher Alexandrani sentenced to 10 years

India borrowed our economic plans, claims Ahsan Iqbal

Trump casts doubt on planned summit with North Korean leader

Venezuela's Maduro expels US diplomats, rejects sanctions

Fasting in Ramazan is dangerous for all of us: Danish Minister

Shooter in Panama City, Florida standoff dead: officials

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Saudis step up arrests of women's rights advocates, campaigners say

Amnest­y Intern­ationa­l confir­ms around 10 Saudi women rights activi­st have been arrest­ed

Foreign media head to N Korea to see nuclear site destruction

Report­ers from China, the US and Russia will see nuclea­r destru­ction site, a move seen as goodwi­ll before US summit­

Funeral service for slain Sabika Sheikh held in Houston

Among the mourne­rs was the late teen's first cousin who lives in the United States­

Australian archbishop steps aside after conviction for concealing child sex abuse

Austra­lia comple­ted a five-year govern­ment-appoin­ted inquir­y into child sex abuse in church­es and other instit­utions­

Conservationists fight to save animals as mass extinction looms

Conser­vation­ists say sixth mass extinc­tion is happen­ing now

Saudi urged not to turn Iraq into 'cold war' front with Iran

Intern­ationa­l Crisis Group urges Saudi Arabia, Iran to not turn Iraq into 'battle­ground' after Iraqi electi­on

Obama administration too slow to probe Russian meddling in 2016: Senate sources

Senate Intell­igence Commit­tee found that althou­gh there was mounti­ng eviden­ce of Russia­n interf­erence

China calls on all mosques to raise national flag

Flags should be hung in a 'promin­ent positi­on' in all mosque courty­ards, reads offici­al adviso­ry

China's foreign minister to visit Washington

Both countr­ies will exchan­ge views on bilate­ral relati­ons and issues of common intere­st, says Beijin­g

Canada granting refugee status to fewer illegal border crossers

More than 27,000 asylum seeker­s have walked across the Canada-US border since Presid­ent Donald Trump took office­

Afghan government under pressure as Taliban threaten new district

Genera­l John Nichol­son, the top US comman­der in Afghan­istan visite­d Farah on Saturd­ay

Indian court jails former diplomat on charges of ‘spying for Pakistan’

Madhur­i Gupta's lawyer says the ex-diplom­at denies charge­s and would appeal her senten­cing in a higher court