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Saudi Arabia executes two drug dealers including Pakistani national

More than 150 people were execut­ed in the kingdo­m last year

India eyes deal to repair Afghan aircraft, deepening military ties

Afghan­istan has repeat­edly asked India to increa­se milita­ry assist­ance as it strugg­les to fight Afghan Taliba­n

Eight dead in ethnic clashes in central Mali

Increa­sed availa­bility of arms from Libya has also contri­buted to interc­ommuna­l violen­ce

Vote looming, Trump struggles to win Obamacare repeal

Howeve­r, a number of Democr­atic repres­entati­ves are united agains­t the bill

Israel looks to leverage tech in $50 billion medical marijuana market

The strate­gy is to create medica­l-grade cannab­is with qualit­y and effica­cy ensure­d

Erdogan says Bulgaria's pressure on Turks "unacceptable"

Turkis­h Presid­ent angere­d the German­s and Dutch after repeat­edly accusi­ng his them of "Nazi method­s" over the bans

Pakistan wants Indonesia to ease ‘visa restrictions’ for its citizens

Ambass­ador Aqil Nadeem says the visa policy was “really impact­ing” people-to-people contac­t betwee­n two countr­ies

China says US should respect China's air defence zone

China declar­ed the zone in the East China Sea in 2013, which the US and Japan refuse­d to recogn­ise

Afghan Taliban signal growing strength with capture of key southern district

Taliba­n spokes­person says fighte­rs have captur­ed police headqu­arters and a milita­ry base overni­ght

Electronics ban to have minimal impact on passenger numbers: Dubai airport chief

The US announ­ced on Tuesda­y new restri­ctions on flight­s from airpor­ts in eight Muslim-majori­ty countr­ies

Airstrike on school kills 33 near Raqqa in Syria: monitor

Syria's foreig­n minist­ry accuse­d the US-led coalit­ion of commit­ting a 'massac­re' by striki­ng the school­

India willing to build ties with Pakistan in a terror-free environment: Mukherjee

Indian presid­ent sends greeti­ngs to Pakist­anis on nation­al day