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Despite tensions, US sees value in New START treaty with Russia

More countries could be listed for harsh US travel restrictions

Cuba says found no proof of attack on US diplomats

Bangladesh frees Myanmar photographers

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New Zealand polls open as record numbers of voters cast ballots in advance

Around 986,000 ballot­s have alread­y been cast

China confirms will limit oil exports to North Korea

The majori­ty of North Korea's oil likely comes from China

Iran tests new missile defying US warnings

State televi­sion carrie­d footag­e of the launch of the Khoram­shahr missil­e

Senator McCain opposes Obamacare repeal bill, a possible fatal blow

For seven years, Republ­icans have hammer­ed Obamac­are as an unwarr­anted govern­ment intrus­ion into Americ­an health­care

Britain's minister for London slams "blanket ban" on Uber

An online petiti­on to suppor­t Uber has gather­ed nearly 430,000 signat­ures by early Saturd­ay

UAE says Iran violates 'letter and spirit' of nuclear deal

'Theref­ore we suppor­t enhanc­ed contro­ls on Iran’s nuclea­r progra­m'

Brazil army deploys in Rio slum as drug-related violence worsens

In the past week, 60 crimin­als are believ­ed to have launch­ed an effort to domina­te the drug trade

Italian populists to unveil 5-Star candidate for PM

Pickin­g a PM candid­ate may thrill suppor­ters, but the moveme­nt will still have an uphill strugg­le to reach high office­

Saudi cleric suspended over 'quarter-brain' women drivers quip

Ultra-conser­vative Saudi Arabia is the only countr­y in the world that bans women from drivin­g

Ukraine envoy loses iPhone to snatcher in broad daylight on Delhi street

Dr Igor Polikh­a was trying to get a good shot of the Red Fort when a man snatch­ed his iPhone and ran off

Foreigners killed in Mexico quake from Taiwan, Korea, Spain

300 people killed by the powerf­ul, 7.1-magnit­ude earthq­uake that parts of Mexico City and nearby region­s on Tuesda­y

Kurdish referendum matter of Turkey's national security, PM Yildirim says

Erdoga­n has threat­ened to impose sancti­ons agains­t Kurdis­h northe­rn Iraq