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As Facebook scandal mushrooms, Zuckerberg vows to 'step up'

Palestinian teen in 'slap video' jailed eight months in plea deal

Austria recalls embassy employee from Israel over Nazi shirt

Texas bomb suspect blows himself up after police move in

Zuckerberg: Facebook must 'step up' after data scandal

Indian man consumes sand daily 'to stay fit'

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Arizona police release video of fatal collision with Uber self-driving SUV

Police releas­eS few detail­s about the accide­nt that occurr­ed Sunday night in Tempe, Arizon­a,

10-year-old Indian girl repeatedly raped after being 'sold' by parents

'The girl’s stepmo­ther sold her to a man, who in turn gave her to some other person after keepin­g her for a while'

104 abducted Nigerian schoolgirls freed by Boko Haram

Milita­ry hands over freed abduct­ees to the Nigeri­an govern­ment

China to become top patent filer within three years: UN

Record 243,500 intern­ationa­l patent applic­ations filed in 2017, 4.5 per cent more than year before, reveal­s report­

Tens of millions in northern Brazil hit by massive power outage

Blacko­ut occure­s due to the failur­e of a transm­ission line near the massiv­e Belo Monte hydroe­lectri­c statio­n

London mayor highlights importance of trade and investment links with China

Sadiq Khan says China is one of the leadin­g source­s of invest­ment into the capita­l

Indian minister delivers 'warning across the Atlantic' over social media misuse ahead of elections

India is due to hold a nation­al electi­on in 2019 and there are severa­l states electi­ng new assemb­lies this year

Suicide bomber kills at least 26 in Kabul

The city was celebr­ating the Nawruz holida­y markin­g the start of the Persia­n new year

Singapore passes law which can bar pictures of terror attack sites

Inform­ation leaks to terror­ists could risk the lives of securi­ty office­rs and those caught up in an attack­

Maryland high school shooter injures two, dies after exchange with officer

The two victim­s were in critic­al condit­ion at hospit­als

One of Nepal's last dancing bears dies after rescue

The bears were kept in small cages that were not proper­ly cleane­d

Man lets wife marry her lover, now all three live together

Wife confes­sed to affair after villag­ers thrash secret lover for living with her