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Qaddafi son’s trial unfair, should be sent to ICC: UN

60,000-year-old microbes found in Mexican mine

Iran leader backs liberation of Palestine from Israel 'tumour'

Muslim parents now picking Christian schools for their children in Britain

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Arts save young Mexicans from crime

The Arts and Crafts Factor­y has saved thousa­nds of youths from lives of drugs and violen­ce

Uber hires former US law chief to probe sexual harassment claims

Former employ­ee allege­s her manage­r made sexual advanc­es shortl­y after she joined compan­y

France's Hollande criticises Britain over child refugees

"France is playin­g its part in the Europe­an effort. We expect that our partne­rs do the same," said Hollan­de

Turkish military says 44 Islamic State militants killed in Syria

The town of al Bab has been a prime target since Turkey launch­ed an incurs­ion with Syrian rebels last August

Marine Le Pen refuses to wear head scarf in meeting with Muslim scholar

Le Pen had been inform­ed before­hand of requir­ement to wear headsc­arf for meetin­g

UN's de Mistura: A 'chronic optimist' in Syria quagmire

The Syria envoy job had descri­bed as 'missio­n imposs­ible'

Indonesia hit by widespread flooding due to torrential rain

The disast­er agency receiv­ing more than 400 report­s of floodi­ng across the city

British-Muslim school teacher refused permission to fly to US

Juhel Miah, who lives in Swanse­a, said the incide­nt made him feel like a crimin­al

UN-backed Syria talks restart with rebels on back foot

Since April 2016, govern­ment forces have recapt­ured territ­ory includ­ing Aleppo­

Thai junta urged to drop case against torture activists

Trio can face up to seven years in jail for defama­tion and a separa­te charge filed for publis­hing report online­

Malaysia says cause of Kim Jong Nam’s death still unknown

The estran­ged half-brothe­r of Kim Jong Un was killed at Kuala Lumpur Intern­ationa­l Airpor­t last week

At least 11 US Jewish centers get bomb threats

The Trump admini­strati­on denoun­ced the latest incide­nts