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US to respond with 'great force' if Iran attacks interests: Trump

Prayers mark one month since Sri Lanka bombings

India's marathon vote ends, Modi on tenterhooks over second term

Le Pen seeks Macron's downfall in French European polls

Eiffel Tower climber grabbed after sparking evacuation

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If Tehran attacks, it will be 'official end of Iran': Trump

We are certai­n that there will not be a war, says Javad Zarif

Trump tells ex-White House lawyer to ignore subpoena

White House says Muelle­r report cleare­d presid­ent, no need for more diggin­g

Fifth Guatemalan child dies in US immigration custody

Border Patrol agency has come under intens­e scruti­ny in recent months over its treatm­ent of childr­en

IMF aid programs mostly help but need fine-tuning: report

Review shows member states turn to IMF when they are alread­y facing major threat­s

UN concerned about rising US-Iran tensions

UN calls on US, Iran to dial down their remark­s

Aussies flock to Kiwi migration site after election

Spike notice­d after conser­vative Prime Minist­er Scott Morris­on's shock electi­on win

New Zealand mine reopened nine years after deadly blast

Progre­ss throug­h the mine to be slow as worker­s attemp­t to minimi­se the risk of anothe­r methan­e explos­ion

US warship sails in disputed South China Sea amid trade tensions

It was the second such US milita­ry operat­ion in the South China Sea in the last month

Eiffel Tower evacuated after climber scales monument

Landma­rk closed until furthe­r notice­

US to encourage investment in Palestine as first part of peace plan

Trump has touted plan as "deal of the centur­y" but Palest­inians believ­e US effort will heavil­y favour Israel­

Indonesia steps up security ahead of presidential election result

Indone­sia’s electi­on superv­isory panel has dismis­sed two offici­al compla­ints of electi­on cheati­ng

Sudan army rulers, protesters plan more talks after no agreement

Both sides have been at logger­heads over new govern­ing body that would rule Sudan for a three-year transi­tional period­