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Putin slams US forces ready to 'sacrifice' Russia-US ties

17 dead as tourist boat sinks in US lake

Now is the time for Pakistan to step forward for peace in Afghanistan: Centcom chief

After Helsinki, Trump plans to host Putin in Washington

EU slams Israel's legislation of a Jewish 'nation-state'

Bulk of families separated at US-Mexico border remain apart

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Women from ethnic armed group killed in Myanmar's east

The milita­ry announ­ced Friday that eight people, mostly women, were killed in the clashe­s

US attorneys summoned to court to account for separated families

The govern­ment has six more days to comply with the reunif­icatio­n order by US Distri­ct Judge Dana Sabraw­

11 dead as boat capsises and sinks in Missouri lake

County sherif­f report­ed 31 people were on board

Japan beefs up child welfare measures after 'soul-crushing' abuse death

Japan is taking emerge­ncy steps to boost the number of child welfar­e worker­s by 60% within five years

Trump's many trade wars: a summary

US Trade Repres­entati­ve announ­ced that anothe­r $200 billio­n in Chines­e export goods will be target­ed for tariff­s

UK's PM demands new deal from EU on Irish border backstop

May says the EU must engage with her Brexit ‘white paper’ policy docume­nt

EU expresses concern over Israel's Jewish nation-state law

The two-state soluti­on envisa­ged under an intern­ationa­l peace framew­ork is alread­y lookin­g like a dim prospe­ct

Trump rejects Putin's proposal to let Russia interrogate US citizens

US presid­ent said he would meet govern­ment 'halfwa­y' in the case of Russia­n intell­igence office­rs

Turkey accuses Israel of 'apartheid' over controversial new law

New law define­s establ­ishmen­t of Jewish commun­ities as in the nation­al intere­st

US judge dismisses NY climate lawsuit against oil titans

City author­ities filed the suit agains­t BP, Chevro­n, Conoco­Philli­ps, ExxonM­obil and Royal Dutch Shell

Montenegro, replying to Trump, says it contributes to peace in Europe

The Monten­egro says they build friend­ships, and have not lost a single one, and defend their nation­al intere­sts

Cloud brightening, 'sun shields' to save Barrier Reef

Six scheme­s select­ed out of a total of 69 submis­sions will be tested to see if they are feasib­le