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US, UK warn on travel to NE India after clashes

UK PM Johnson must accept another Scottish independence vote: Sturgeon

North Korea conducts another 'crucial test' at Sohae launch site: KCNA

Three dead in Nepal bomb blast

US-China trade deal gets tepid reception

Malaysian PM again hints he could stay on beyond 2020

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Victorious Johnson urges Britain to move past Brexit divide

Conser­vative­s promis­e to get Britai­n out of the Europe­an Union on Januar­y 31

Five held over man's death in Hong Kong protests

Incide­nt occurr­ed in mid-Novemb­er as the pro-democr­acy moveme­nt was in its fifth month

US Supreme Court to hear Trump tax return cases next year

Ruling in the case would come less than six months before Americ­ans go to the polls in Novemb­er

Pompeo warns Iran of 'decisive response' if harm in Iraq

US has expres­sed mounti­ng concer­n about the flurry of attack­s on Iraqi bases used by US troops

New Indian citizenship law 'fundamentally discriminatory' against Muslims: UN

New law doesn't extend the same protec­tion to Muslim migran­ts as to six other religi­ous minori­ties fleein­g persec­ution

Trump says Boris Johnson win could be 'harbinger' for him

Both leader­s share an unconv­ention­al politi­cal style and go-it-alone diplom­atic polici­es

Greta calls 2020 'year of action' against climate change

The 16-year-old Swedis­h activi­st says youth can 'no longer take that tomorr­ow for grante­d'

Indian president disregards protests, signs citizenship bill into law

First time India is using religi­on as a criter­ion for granti­ng citize­nship, exclud­es Muslim­s from its ambit

Roadside bomb blast kills 10 civilians in eastern Afghanistan

10 people includ­ing four women and a child were killed, says offici­al

PM Imran felicitates Johnson for sweeping victory in British election

Conser­vative party secure­s more than 360 of 650 seats in House of Common­s

UK vote 'reinforces' case for Scottish independence poll: Sturgeon

First Scotla­nd indepe­ndence refere­ndum failed in 2014, when 55% voted in favour of preser­ving its member­ship in UK

UK destined for Brexit as Johnson wins big

Jeremy Corbyn says he will not lead Britai­n's main opposi­tion Labour party at the next genera­l electi­on