Ready to work in Pakistani films: Ranbir Kapoor

The Bollywood superstar and his co-star Deepika Padukone addressed a video conference in Lahore

Adnan Lodhi November 20, 2015
The Bollywood superstar and his co-star Deepika Padukone addressed a video conference in Lahore. PHOTO: INDIATODAY

LAHORE: Ranbir Kapoor in a Pakistani film? It may sound too good to be true but it seems the Bollywood superstar is certainly open to the idea.

During an interaction with the Pakistani press via video conference, Ranbir said if a Pakistani producer offers a 'quality film with a great story', he will waste no time in signing up for the project.

"My family has always worked for the welfare of cinema. It is true that the Indian film industry is bigger compared to Pakistan's industry. The promotion and well-being of film culture in the region is the responsibility of local artists," he said during the video chat which took place at Luxus Grand Cinema in Lahore on Friday.

The session was organised by Distribution Club Pvt Ltd and was part of a promotional event for Ranbir and Deepika's upcoming film Tamasha.

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Ranbir also said older members of his family have in the past paid numerous visits to Pakistan for both professional and personal reasons. “Even I want to visit. There are so many cities and locations that I have to see!”

He added that he is aware the Pakistani film industry has its own wonderful traditions and that there is no race between Indian films and Pakistani cinema. “We should all work for the promotion of film culture in the region.”

Ranbir doesn't shy away from talking about failures. “I know that some of my recently-launched films were not good enough. I take full responsibility for the failure,” he said.

He said rehashing clichéd stories and music is plain boring. The actor hoped that Tamasha would turn the tide. “It is a different film altogether that will fulfill the demands of the viewers. We’re lucky to have A R Rehman on board for the film. The audience will not forget the film’s music for years to come.”

As far as Tamasha’s response in Pakistan is concerned, Ranbir said it will be a proud moment for him if Pakistani audiences turn up in huge numbers to see the film and make it a success. “Tamasha’s storyline is very powerful, hence there was no need to add ‘masala’ content like items songs etc,” he said. The film has been shot in Japan and other scenic locations which will enhance the visual spectacle that the film will spin.

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Although Ranbir occupied most of the talking time, Deepika also got a chance to address the Pakistani media. “It is a family film with a very interesting story that has something for all sections of the society,” she said.

The Bollywood diva said she has always enjoyed working with Ranbir. “I learnt a lot from him and we made some great memories during the shoot.”

Deepika said one should do what the heart says and care little about how others will perceive it, which is the undercurrent of Tamasha. “I am essaying the role of this girl, Tara, who never compromises when it comes to the truth. I am actually looking forward to how women like the film, especially my role,” she said.

She added that actors should not compete with each other as every role demands them to give their best shot. “I have given my 100 per cent to Tamasha.”

Directed by Imtiaz Ali, Tamasha will hit cinemas on November 27.


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Junaid | 6 years ago | Reply It's just a publicity statement to promote his movie in Pakistan, at the time of movie release, they make same statements to get more profit from Pakistani public
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