Toronto couple asks Muslims if they're sorry for Paris attacks

Couple posts board outside their house asking Muslims if they were sorry for the attacks

Web Desk November 16, 2015
A Toronto couple put out a sign on Nov. 15, 2015, asking Muslims if they were sorry for the Paris attacks. CITYNEWS/Avery Haines.

As fear of backlash and anti-Muslim sentiment grows in the wake of deadly Paris attacks, a couple in Toronto irked many after placing a board outside their house asking Muslims if they were sorry for the attacks.

“I have one question members of the Muslim community, are you sorry for the slaughter of innocent people by whom represent your religious beliefs?” the sign read.

The perfect response to people who blame Muslims for Paris attacks

The board also had a small box attached to it for “suggestions.”

City News reporter Avery Haines noticed the sign when she was taking her son to hockey practice on Sunday and tweeted a photo of it. Curious as to what motivated the couple to place the sign, Haines spoke to them as well.

“I’m open to someone saying how dare you write that but I’m only asking are you sorry for your brothers,” the woman who had put up the sign said.

“I don’t think it’s hateful, I don’t think it’s racist,” she added.

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Others on the social media platform were quick to chime in, with one man posting an article where Muslims had already condemned the attacks whereas others said that the couple had every right to post the sign.

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True | 6 years ago | Reply @Lea: Sorry I don't want to stereotype but the recent attacks on Muslims were fit of rage. Imagine if the attackers had guns. There is the difference. If someone really has intention to kill they will no matter at what cost like the Paris attackers did. If someone puts a placard we start complaining. The others have to bear the brunt. Ofcourse the innocents are targeted. But some introspection needs to be done. There are many peace lover who try to push their own law showing scant respect for the law of land. Everything gets bundled up.
Lea | 6 years ago | Reply First of all the people who killed others has no belief and neither they are muslims .. I would like to ask one question are you sorry for the incidents which happened recently with muslims ... Muslim woman got beaten by two white people..but as muslims we dont categorize everyone as same there are good and bad people in every community and good people shouldnt be punished for others...
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