2nd ODI: England beat Pakistan by 95 runs, level series 1-1

Live updates - Pakistan vs England, 2nd ODI

Abdul Majid November 13, 2015

Pakistan were beaten by England in the second ODI of the four-match series after the visitors gave them a 284-run target to chase in Abu Dhabi.

Pakistan's batting displayed a dismal performance except Sarfraz Ahmed who was able to muster 64 off 76 balls.

Chris Woakes bagged four wickets for England, while David Willey accounted for three batsmen.

Earlier, England won the toss and chose to bat first.

Alex Hales (109) scored a century to lead England's batting while opener Jason Roy (54) and one-down Joe Root (63) scored fifties to make useful contribution in the total.

Wahab Riaz was the pick of the bowlers for Pakistan. He picked three wickets for 43 runs in 10 overs.

PAK 188 all out (45.5 overs)

BOWLED! Muhammad Irfan receives one in the block hole and that is it for Pakistan. England have levelled the series.

SIX! Yasir swings wildly, clear widwicket - 94 meters it is.


PAK 181-9 (45 overs)

OUT! Sarfraz Ahmed (64) caught behind off a cutter.


PAK 178-8 (44 overs)

Six runs off it.


PAK 172-8 (43 overs)

Six runs off the over.

Woakes is back.

PAK 166-8 (42 overs)

OUT! Wahab skies one for the keeper to catch. Not anyone's day today except Sarfraz. Yasir Shah walks in to join Sarfraz.

FOUR! Midwicket for Sarfraz. Diving fielder gains nothing, stops nothing.

Willey on.

PAK 158-7 (41 overs)

FIFTY up for Sarfraz but in a lost cause.

Moeen Ali and Wahab Riaz on. Is this Wahab's day? Powerplay time!

PAK 152-7 (40 overs)

Six runs off the over.

Willey time.

PAK 146-7 (39 overs)

OUT! Anwar Ali hits a SIX and goes for it again but this time finds the fielder at long-on. Not his day, it was a full-toss, his favourite juicy delivery.

Moeen Ali.

PAK 139-6 (38 overs)

Wild swings and no results from Anwar. Will he find the sweep spot today?

David Willey is back in the attack. Anwar going for it?

PAK 134-6 (37 overs)

Anwar is going for it baby! He is unleashing that monster again. He just needs one good connection to get into the zone.

Moeen Ali.

PAK 125-6 (36 overs)

Just two off it.


PAK 123-6 (35 overs)

FOUR! Balls misses batsman, keeper and stumps. Runs down to the boundary and kisses it.

FOUR! Midwicket by Sarfraz. Over the head of short midiwkcet. Two steps down the pitch and its good enough.

Moeen Ali.

PAK 112-6 (34 overs)

Topley. Goes for four runs in the over.

PAK 108-6 (33 overs)

Four off the over.

Moeen continues.

PAK 104-6 (32 overs)

Five runs off the over.

Topley is back to end the Pakistan innings? Beware Anwar can pull a massacre here off English bowling.

PAK 99-6 (31 overs)

FOUR! Bottom edge and the ball runs to the boundary.

Moeen Ali.

PAK 91-6 (30 overs)

Five off the over.

Adil Rashid.

PAK 86-6 (29 overs)

FOUR! Sarfraz does what he does best, sweeps.

Moeen Ali.

PAK 80-6 (28 overs)

BOWLED! Rizwan makes a mess of a googly. The ball stayed low and the wicket is shattered just like Pakistan's dream of making it 2-0.

Adil Rashid.

PAK 79-5 (27 overs)

Goes for three.

Moeen on for England.

PAK 76-5 (26 overs)

Adil Rashid gives four in his over.

PAK 72-5 (25 overs)

Two runs only.

Moeen Ali.

PAK 70-5 (24 overs)

Three runs off it.

Adil Rashid.

PAK 67-5 (23 overs)

Single off the over.

Moeen Ali is in. More spin from England.

PAK 66-5 (22 overs)

LBW appeal on Rizwan. Cricket's Neo says not out. England review and finally Shozab is right. Must have cleaned the dew off those glasses. One point to Shozab but he is still losing 2-1.

Adil Rashid.

PAK 62-5 (21 overs)

FOUR! Short and pulled for the square leg boundary by Rizwan.

Chris Woakes.

PAK 55-5 (20 overs)

Adil Rashid gives away four runs in the over.

PAK 50-5 (19 overs)

BOWLED! Azhar Ali drags one onto the stumps. Pakistan down to two wicketkeepers now. Sarfraz Ahmed and Rizwan Ahmed.


PAK 51-5 (19 overs)

BOWLED! Azhar Ali drags one onto the stumps. Pakistan down to two wicketkeepers now. Sarfraz Ahmed and Rizwan Ahmed.


PAK 50-5 (18 overs)

Adil Rashid goes for four runs.

PAK 46-4 (17 overs)

OUT! Shoaib Malik caught at midwicket. He pulled a short ball without any real timing and paid the price. England can see the series being levelled. Is there a miracle in the waiting or we will see a vintage Pakistan fall?

Chris Woakes.

PAK 41-3 (16 overs)

Two runs off the over.

Adil Rashid.

PAK 39-3 (15 overs)

Five runs off his over.

Woakes continues.

PAK 34-3 (14 overs)

LBW appeal on Shoaib Malik. Umpire raises his finger in a dramatic slow motion with Neo's glasses on. Malik wants to review and the ball is missing leg stump. Two successful reviews against the Matrix umpire today. Shozab Raza might want to remove those glasses now?

Adil Rashid again.

PAK  29-3 (13 overs)

Woakes gives one run in the over.

PAK  28-3 (12 overs)

Four runs off the over.

Adil Rashid brought into the attack.

PAK 26-3 (12 overs)

Four runs off the over.

Adil Rashid brought into the attack.

PAK  24-3 (11 overs)

OUT! Iftikhar tries to pull a short ball and end up giving an easy catch to long-on. Pakistan in deep trouble here. Shoaib Malik walks in to join Azhar. These two men can win it for Pakistan if they stick around for a while now.

FOUR! Azhar Ali finally finds the gap between short midwicket and mid-on.

First change in bowling. Chris Woakes is on for England.

PAK  19-2 (10 overs)

Topley bowls. And he bowls a maiden.

PAK 19-2 (9 overs)

Two runs of Willey's over.

PAK 17-2 (8 overs)

Iftikhar goes once, Iftikhar goes twice. Taylor says no at covers with diving efforts. Iftikhar goes thrice and this time Taylor has no chance to cut it off. FOUR!


PAK  12-2 (7 overs)

Just a single off it.

Willey is in for his fourth over.

PAK 11-2 (6 overs)

Just a single off the over.

Topley continues into his third over.

PAK 10-2 (5 overs)

Debutante Iftikhar Ahmed joins captain Azhar Ali in the middle.

OUT! Hafeez departs for naught. Caught behind off Willey. Pakistan once against struggling against the left-arm pacers.

PAK 9-1 (4 overs)

And this is how Pakistan lost their first wicket. Babar Azam caught plumb in front of the wickets.

ENG 283-5 (50 overs)

FOUR of the last ball and England set a 284-run target for Pakistan to chase.

Anwar Ali bowls the last over.

ENG 283-5 (50 overs)

FOUR of the last ball and England set a 284-run target for Pakistan to chase.

Anwar Ali bowls the last over.

ENG 275-5 (49 overs)

OUT! Caught at midwicket. Irfan bags his first of the match. Eoin Morgan (29) it is. Pakistan in complete control here.

Muhammad Irfan is in for the penultimate over.

ENG 270-4 (48 overs)

BOWLED! Off the pads but Wahab will take it. Buttler is gone off another slower ball. James Taylor is in now.

Wahab bowls his last over.

ENG 266-3 (47 overs)

Nine runs off the over.

FOUR! Full and struck nicely towards extra cover by Buttler.

Muhammad Irfan.

ENG 257-3 (46 overs)

BOWLED! Slow ball and Joe Root's (63) leg stump is broken. Smart bowling from Wahab. Jos Buttler has been sent in.


ENG 256-2 (45 overs)

FOUR! Launched by Morgan over midwicket.

Muhammad Irfan bowls.

ENG 248-2 (44 overs)

Four runs off the over.

Wahab Riaz in for his eighth over.

ENG 244-2 (43 overs)

Four runs off the over.

Muhammad Irfan returns.

ENG 240-2 (42 overs)

SIX! Morgan had to reach for it; two steps forward and a full stretch forward. He then launched it over midwicket.

Yasir Shah is back for his two overs.

ENG 230-2 (41 overs)

Three runs off the over.

Iftikhar Ahmed again. His balls are keeping low. Azhar Ali wants to make use of that.

ENG 227-2 (40 overs)

FOUR! Scooped over short fine leg by Root. Brings up his FIFTY off 60 balls.

Anwar Ali is back.

ENG 216-2 (39 overs)

STUMPED! First wicket for Iftikhar in the ODIs and that too a big one in the current situation. Alex Hales departs for 109.

FOUR and SIX! Joe Root and then Alex Hales. England not letting the scoreboard dry up.

Iftikhar Ahmed.

ENG 204-1 (38 overs)

Four runs off the over.

Wahab Riaz.

ENG 200-1 (37 overs)

CENTURY up for Alex Hales. He used 111 balls, seven fours and two sixes to bring up his ton. Great comeback from the tall right-hander after the first match!

Iftikhar Ahmed.

ENG 197-1 (36 overs)

Three runs off the over.

Wahab Riaz is back one more. Can he make up for the dropped catch in this spell?

ENG 194-1 (35 overs)

Four runs off the over.

Iftikhar Ahmed again.

ENG 190-1 (34 overs)

FOUR! Root clears the mid-on fielder to find the long-on boundary.

Yasir Shah in for his eighth over. Alex Hales is batting on 92. Will he get his century?

ENG 181-1 (33 overs)

DROPPED! Wahab drops Root at point. Root goes for a switch-hit. Wahav dives to his stronger left side and the ball bounces off his hands.

Iftikhar Ahmed bowls his second over.

ENG 176-1 (32 overs)

Six runs off the over.

Yasir Shah.

ENG 170-1 (31 overs)

LBW appeal on Hales. Umpire says no. Pakistan review and it stays no!

Iftikhar Ahmed is Azhar Ali's last hope. He is on with his off-breaks.

ENG 165-1 (30 overs)

SIX! Straight as an arrow! Yasir responds with just a smile. Alex Hales is on fire.

SIX! On his knee and Alex Hales goes big over long leg.

Yasir Shah is back.

ENG 151-1 (29 overs)

Five runs off the over.

Muhammad Irfan.

ENG 146-1 (28 overs)

Six runs off the over.

Anwar Ali continues.

ENG 140-1 (27 overs)

Just a single off his over.

Muhammad Irfan is brought back into the attack to find a wicket for Pakistan.

ENG 139-1 (26 overs)

Four runs off the over.

Anwar Ali in search of a wicket AGAIN!

ENG 135-1 (25 overs)

FOUR! Midwicket it is. A boundary after 40 odd balls. Hales is the batsman.

Shoaib Malik.

ENG 126-1 (24 overs)

Four runs off the over.

Anwar Ali.

ENG 122-1 (23 overs)

Four runs of Malik's over.

Shoaib Malik is in for his fifth over.

ENG 118-1 (22 overs)

Four runs off the over.

Anwar Ali has been given the ball now to find another breakthrough; Pakistan desperately need a couple of wickets to fall.

ENG 114-1 (21 overs)

Just two runs off his over.

Shoaib Malik.

ENG 112-1 (20 overs)

CAUGHT BEHIND appeal on Hales. Umpire raised his finger but Hales reviews it. It had struck his back leg or more specifically his trousers on his way to the Sarfraz.

Wahab Riaz.

ENG 111-1 (19 overs)

Eight runs off the over.

Yasir Shah brought on for the new batsman Joe Root.

ENG 103-1 (18 overs)

OUT! Roy (54) caught at mid-on by Shoaib Malik. Chipped into the fielder's hands. Pakistan strike finally! Joe Root walks in for England now.

Wahab Riaz.

ENG 100-0 (17 overs)

FOURx2! Hales jumps all over Malik with two boundaries off the over. England picking up pace here.

Shoaib Malik.

ENG 90-0 (16 overs)

FOUR! Roy reaches his half-century in style.

FOUR! Driven nicely past mid-off. Roy unbeaten on 48 now.

Wahab Riaz steams back into the attack. Pakistan need to find a wicket here and NOW!

ENG 82-0 (15 overs)

FOUR! Roy dances down the pitch and goes over the mid-off fielder.

Shoaib Malik in for his second over.

ENG 73-0 (14 overs)

Two runs off the over.

Yasir Shah bowls his fourth.

ENG 71-0 (13 overs)

FOUR! Roy sweeps powerfully to find the boundary.

Shoaib Malik brought into the attack in a desperate measure to find a wicket. Azhar Ali testing all his options here.

ENG 64-0 (12 overs)

Four runs off the over.

Yasir Shah in for his third with a slip. No success for Pakistan till now.

ENG 60-0 (11 overs)

Nine runs off the over.

Wahab Riaz again.

ENG 51-0 (10 overs)

FOURx2! Hales goes for a sweep and then eases into the front foot drive through covers.

Yasir Shah in for his second over.

ENG 40-0 (9 overs)

Misfield at point and England steal a single.

FOUR! Hales swings at a full on off delivery and the ball runs past the first slip towards the third man boundary.

Wahab Riaz brought into the attack.

ENG 34-0 (8 overs)

FOUR! Switch-hit by Roy earns him a boundary square of the wicket. Extraordianary shot!

Yasir Shah introduced into the attack. Crowd chanting his name, Yasir, Yasir, Yasirrrr.

ENG 28-0 (7 overs)

Just five runs off the over.

Muhammad Irfan.

ENG 23-0 (6 overs)

FOUR! Roy takes two steps forward and launches the ball over mid-on.

Anwar Ali runs in to a packed off side field.

ENG 18-0 (5 overs)

FOUR! Short and pulled nicely towards midwicket by Alex Hales.

Muhammad Irfan.

ENG 13-0 (4 overs)

Just three runs off the over.

Anwar Ali.

ENG 10-0 (3 overs)

Just a single off the over.

Muhammad Irfan continues.

ENG 9-0 (2 overs)

FOUR! Anwar Ali welcomed with a boundary by Roy. Flicked towards the unguarded leg side.

Anwar Ali will share the new ball with Irfan.

ENG 5-0 (1 over)

FOUR! Roy finds width and places it past cover to find the boundary.

Muhammad Irfan opens the bowling as Jason Roy and Alex Hales open the batting for England.

Morgan: We need to follow the basics. Hopefully, we can rectify our batting performance today. Seamers did a good job in first ODI. We are going with the same team.

Azhar: Fielding has been a plus point for us in ODIs in the last six, seven months. We have two changes. Iftikhar Ahmed and Muhammad Rizwan are coming into the team. Bilal Asif and Younus Khan are out.

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Wicketkeeping practice for Sarfraz Ahmed


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