Islamabad restaurant apologises for misogynistic ads after uproar

Table No 5 further clarifies they do not endorse rape or domestic violence, while promising to change their campaign

Web Desk November 12, 2015

A restaurant in Islamabad that recently came under fire for its sexist ads has apologised after its questionable marketing strategy sparked outrage on social media.

Table No 5 took to Facebook to apologise to everyone whom they offended with their painfully misogynist stance.

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Restaurant in Islamabad comes under fire for sexist ads

“We've read a lot of your comments, blogs, articles and essays on our marketing strategy and would like to take a moment to sincerely apologise!” the restaurant posted on its Facebook page.

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“If she won’t make you a sandwich, we will” and “I don’t hate women, they just refuse to make me a sandwich,” are some of the catch-lines the restaurant had been using, which had irked many social media users, as well as some feminist and non-profit organisations.

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The restaurant even made a chart comparing women to a sandwich and concluded, “Choose happiness, choose a sandwich.”

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This restaurant in Islamabad thinks misogyny is an acceptable marketing tactic

In its statement, the restaurant further clarified that they do not endorse rape or domestic violence. “We realised that naming our sandwiches in this way have offended and aggravated a large population of dedicated Facebook activists. We must clarify that we, on any possible level, do NOT endorse rape, domestic violence or anything remotely of the sort! That's just disgusting,” the statement added.

Conceding defeat, the eatery has decided to change the names of their sandwiches. “So you've undoubtedly won this round and we've decided to change the names of all our sandwiches on an emergency basis!”

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hassan | 7 years ago | Reply But I am still waiting for apology from Centaurus for putting men down. They are even charging you for your gender..........or we (men) are such a creatures that nobody can put us down......................
salman | 7 years ago | Reply Interesting and funny.Will definitely visit this restaurant when next time in Islamabad perhaps in January.
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