How to make 1.6 million rupees in 10 minutes

Express April 29, 2010

KARACHI: An Allied Bank Branch in New Town was robbed by six armed men at 9:30 in the morning.

The dacoits, who came in three cars, beat the security guard, took his gun and in about ten minutes took away Rs 1.6 million, computer CPUs and employees’ mobile phones. They were wearing masks. One of the six stood guard outside. The bank falls within the Jurisdiction of the PIB Police Station. The employees and customers were held hostage at gunpoint as the dacoits asked the cashier to hand over the cash, mobile phones and CPUs. According to Muhammad Imran, an employee, the entire ordeal lasted about 10 minutes.

However, the police, who have seized the security tapes, said that the dacoits would be caught soon. “They cannot escape and would soon be arrested,” SHO Rahim Shah said. Meanwhile, a case has been registered on the complaint of the bank manager. Mutahir Hussain Rizvi. About four days ago, a bank in Murad Memon Goth was also robbed of Rs 44 million rupees. Muhammad Nazeer, an eyewitness, told The Express Tribune that the robbers carried modern weapons and asked all the people in the bank to put their hands up and remain silent.

“One of them was wearing blue jeans and a black shirt and the other was wearing black jeans and a red t-shirt with the word ‘hero’ written on it,” Nazeer said. According to Nazeer, three of the dacoits started shifting the money and other items outside while two made sure nobody inside the bank moved. Shah said that the police reached the bank as soon as they received news of the robbery. “We will investigate this incident form every possible angle,” he said, adding that usually in such cases someone from the organisation is involved.

The police are also searching for cars, which according to the eyewitnesses were black and white. Incidents of robberies have been on a rise New Town and a few days back the police had killed an alleged dacoit in the area. Banned Lashkar-i-Jhangvi behind bank robberies Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, a banned militant organisation, has been growing in Karachi and is linked to the recent bank robberies, the law enforcement agencies have warned the higher authorities. This organisation has collected money from looting banks and is using it to buy weapons and explosives.

A group of armed men robbed Rs4.8 million from a private bank in Memon Goth on April 26 and three days later the police arrested three suspects from Gadap Town with the help of intelligence agencies. The arrested men included Talha, Basit and Asif and the police managed to recover half of the money they had stolen from the bank. During interrogation, the suspects told the police that they are part of a 10-member group that robs banks to collect money. They admitted that they are linked to the banned Lashkar-i-Jhangvi.

The suspects also revealed the location of their hideout in Naval Colony, where the police seized eight Kalashnikovs, five TT pistols, three repeaters, thousands of bullets and explosives. According to the police, the suspects also told them that they arrived in Karachi a few months ago after receiving training in Wana. They were on a mission to gather money for the organisation, the police claimed. The suspects said that they chose to rob a bank in a deserted area on the pretext of getting change for a Rs1,000 note.

They hid their weapons inside their clothes until they had gone inside. The intelligence reports sent to the higher authorities said that the banned Lashkar-i- Jhangvi is expanding its operations in Karachi and mainly three groups from the tribal areas are actively operating in the city. WITH REPORTING BY WASIQ MUHAMMAD


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