Scotland Yard prepares security plan to deal with protests ahead of Modi's visit

Awaaz, a UK-based group, has announced a 'day of protest' against the Indian premier's visit

Web Desk November 02, 2015
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PHOTO: AFP

Scotland Yard has started preparing for a ‘policing plan’ to deal with protests planned by various groups ahead of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Britain.

“An appropriate policing plan is in place. We are in dialogue with various protest groups to facilitate their requests,” a spokesperson for Scotland Yard said, according to Hindustan Times.

Concerns regarding Modi’s security arose after a Sikh demonstration at the Indian High Commission last week led to violence and traffic jams in central London.

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Most of the protests are scheduled for November 12, the first day of Modi’s visit. Awaaz, a UK-based group, which also held protests during Modi’s visit to UK in 2003, has announced a ‘day of protest’.

Britain’s Sikh community will also be at the forefront of the protests, seeing the visit as an opportunity to help “break down the wall between the Indian state and many Sikhs outside India”, according to Sikh Human Rights Group.

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According to the Sikh Press Association news service, the protest was part of the Sikh Lives Matter movement, which has sought to raise awareness of alleged police brutality in India. “Whilst it was initially a peaceful protest the demonstrators blocked the roadway… and caused significant disruption to the central London road network,” a Scotland Yard spokesman said.

The article originally appeared on Hindustan Times


Rex Major | 5 years ago | Reply @Modiguard: ... I particularly watch Indian news channels and other medium… The genie is out of the bottle… And it cannot be put back in… It’s too late… Modi is the architect and establishment and Hindutva is nourishing the demon which is fast consuming Tolerance and pluralism…. I see one color … Saffron… All other colours and tapestries will be consumed in it… This is reality and you and I know it… This is what happens when one watches too many hate projections. One loses all objectivity. Just as most people who visit Pakistan are surprised how "normal" most people are, similarly in spite of all your wishes - India is neither turning saffron, nor breaking up. The Camerons, Merkels, Xi Jinpings and Obamas of this world neither invite losers to their Parliaments nor visit them in their Capital cities. Dude- there is something going on of which you have no clue - since you are blinded by your hatred.
ajeet | 5 years ago | Reply And there were bigger protests when Pakistan's mai-bhap Saudi or Chinese leaders visit anywhere
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