India's attitude changed after inclusion in Big Three: Javed Miandad

Legendary Pakistan batsman says India is moving towards downfall due to their ego

APP October 28, 2015

ISLAMABAD: Legendary Pakistan batsman Javed Miandad believes the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is not an individual entity and is run by their government which is the sole reason for all the distress in the Pakistan-India cricketing relations.

Miandad said that instead of making the country a sport-loving nation the BCCI is promoting hatred against Pakistan which will soon guide the Indian board towards downfall.

Govt can stop Pakistan cricket team from playing World T20 in India: Shahryar

"BCCI is not a cricket board, it is a government's board," said Miandad, adding this attitude of India towards other cricketing nations points towards the start of their downfall.

"The day is near when India would itself ask Pakistan for a series."

Recently, BCCI wrote a letter to the government demanding an approval for the series against Pakistan.

BCCI writes letter to government for Pakistan series approval: sources

However, Miandad questioned the BCCI on Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Shahryar Khan’s visit saying that what kind of protocol or help did the Indian board or the government provide to PCB officials when Shiv Sena’s violent protest caused the cancellation of talks.

Former captain added that BCCI's attitude and ego had changed after getting a higher status due to the Big Three rule.

"Before Big Three, the ICC used to conduct a 10-year Future Tour Programme for all countries but now we don't see that. It is the Big Three who decides what to do now," he said.

Miandad said if Ashes could be played on regular basis then why not a Pakistan-India series as the latter has been termed by many as a bigger clash than the Ashes.

Atmosphere not conducive for Pakistan-India cricket series: BCCI secretary

"It is India which does not want to play Pakistan because they are afraid to lose and to play against Pakistan," he said.

He concluded that Pakistan should boycott the World Twenty20 in India next year at all costs.

"If respect really matters to PCB then they should not go for the World Twenty20 as it is also a matter of country's prestige which India has damaged at all times," he said.


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Blunt | 5 years ago | Reply @BruteForce: Who is Shahryar Khan that the Indian government is supposed to provide protocol to him? This is not Pakistan where a 3rd secretary of the US walks into the PM’s office. Yes, that's because we are graceful people and know how to respect the guests as per our Asian traditions, rather than first inviting the people via official letter and then storm in few planted terrorists inside the BCCI office and stoop to the embarrassing level of not entertaining the guests. @Sandip: I hope you remember Pak India series played in 2012-13. Surely people have short memories.
Prada | 5 years ago | Reply India was the BIG ONE before any BIG-anything came along. Stop cribbing.
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