Ex-CPO admits to hosing down BB assassination site

Express April 29, 2010

ISLAMABAD: The former CPO Rawalpindi, Saud Aziz said that he took the decision to have the site of Benazir Bhutto's assassination hosed down after joint consultation with his colleagues who were on duty at that time.

Appeared before the fact finding committee on Thursday, Aziz said that he was not pressed to hose down BB's assassination place, and that although it may have been the wrong decision, no one had directed him to do so. He added that the the decision had been taken based on the law and order situation within the city at that time.

Earlier, Former DG Military Intelligence Major General Nadeem Ejaz had said that he did not give orders to hose down the site of Benazir Bhutto's murder.

According to sources the committee also summoned ex-DCO Rawalpindi and the Punjab food secretary.

The fact finding committee will complete its work by Monday and will submit a report to the PM office on April 4.


Rafique | 12 years ago | Reply Well, Mubasher, if they don't keep using Benazir's name in one way or the other, how else do you think they'd be able to exploit the illiterate masses in our country? Zardari keeps Benazir's picture in front of him in every meeting and gives the impression that he's running the country in the footsteps of his "leader". And we all know how well a follower he has been for the last two years. Benazir Income Support Programme isn't the only thing where tax money of us Pakistanis being used to advertise their own agenda. They're also planning to build a monument at Liaquat Bagh and millions have been spent on feasibility alone, go figure!
Mubasher | 12 years ago | Reply I did't understand one thing. Is the assassination of Benazir Bhutto is the only issue in Pakistan in the first place. People are starving to death in Pakistan.Everyday food stuff, petrol and other utilities are both scarce and extremely expensive to get by the ordinary Pakistanis. The other day I was watching on one of Pakistani TV channel about the level and extent of corruption in Benazir Income support programme. Taxes of ordinary Pakistanis are being used in the name of Benazir in this programme. If Zardari really thinks that ordinary people of Pakistan should be supported in the name of Benazir then they must be supported from Benazir's wealth not from Tax money of ordinary Pakistanis. Then there is the issue electricity. This issue has become an extremely important for the lives of Ordinary Pakistanis. The Government of Pakistan is doing nothing to solve this huge problem. Rather, the current minister and his fellows are convincing Pakistanis to use rental power projects. Why? Why rental power projects? A huge amount of water just vanishes into the ocean without being used for Pakistanis to generate electricity. The Government of Pakistan did nothing for two years even when Zardari is in power (God Bless Pakistan!). There are question marks on lot of PPP's leaders including Zardari but ?????????? you know what I mean!! Assassination of Benazir was a crime and must be dealt with until the truth is found. It was a huge loss for PPP but, please, it was not a huge loss for Pakistan. She was prime minister for two times but what she did for Pakistan...Nothing...besides she gave Pakistan Zardari and corruption.
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