Tough call: Malala to choose between Stanford and Oxford universities

Published: October 13, 2015
A file photo of Malala Yousufzai. PHOTO: UN

A file photo of Malala Yousufzai. PHOTO: UN

After passing her O’Level examinations with flying colours, child activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousufzai now gets to pick from the top colleges around the world.

Malala, the world’s youngest-ever Nobel laureate is currently trying to make up her mind if she she should go to Stanford in the US or Oxford in the UK; two of the best universities in the world.

While Malala previously said she would like to study politics, philosophy and economics at Oxford, her father highlighted the one thing that Stanford offers and Oxford doesn’t after touring the campus:

“They have 300 days of sun out of 365 days, which is a rare phenomenon in the UK. Three hundred days of sun makes a difference.”

Whereas, in the UK it rains 156 days a year.

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Malala has also been a part of George Washington University’s Leadership Programme and appeared in Jon Stewart’s show.

She was only 15 years old when a Taliban gunman shot her in the head as she travelled on a school bus in retaliation to her campaign for girls’ education.

Last year she received the Nobel Peace Prize alongside India’s Kailash Satyarthi for risking their lives in the fight for children’s rights.

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Reader Comments (16)

  • Lakhkar Khan
    Oct 13, 2015 - 7:09PM

    “After passing her O’Level examinations with flying colours, child activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousufzai now gets to pick from the top colleges around the world.”

    Eat your hearts out, all you Malala haters, keyboard jehadis and conspiracy theorists. Recommend

  • Muhammad Kashif
    Oct 13, 2015 - 7:43PM

    Why not Pentagon training ?Recommend

  • awais
    Oct 13, 2015 - 7:58PM

    Oxford is too traditional, Stanford is the way to go.Recommend

  • curious2
    Oct 13, 2015 - 9:27PM

    I hope she chooses Stanford. American taxpayers funded the schooling of Aafia Siddiqui and I suspect that left a bitter taste in their mouths. Malala might mitigate that bad experience.Recommend

  • M.S.
    Oct 13, 2015 - 9:47PM

    Please chose Stanford. We have already tested useless products of Oxford. Recommend

  • Vikram
    Oct 13, 2015 - 10:01PM

    She should have gone to an Islamic University and studied Sharia.Recommend

  • Nk
    Oct 13, 2015 - 10:53PM

    Yet another leader-in-training by the western powers to unleash upon us once she’s been sufficiently indoctrinated and controlled. And this coming from someone who has studied at similar international education institutes and spent half his life abroad and that still thinks most Pakistanis are paranoid for no reason.

    I’m sure what happened with the shooting and all is no conspiracy. Even the aftermath doesn’t qualify as a conspiracy. But it does qualify and reek of opportunism. I’m sure her heart is in the right place but at this point she is just a product of the people that run her organisation, dictate her every move, and her PR agency (Edelman, that works probono for her). And this is all designed with a very clear objective – she is one of many many potentials that the Western powers always keep in training and when the time is right and the circumstances ripe, she will return to carry out the agenda of her overlords.Recommend

  • Oct 13, 2015 - 10:55PM

    At taxpayers expense!

    Would an ordinary Pakistani ever be able to finance their education. The answer is NO .
    Pakistanis need to understand what exactly is being engineered.There are many talented individuals in Pakistan but they don’t have such foreign sponsors.Recommend

  • Asok
    Oct 13, 2015 - 11:20PM

    Please come to Stanford. It is beautiful here!

    @such bolta hoon, which taxpayers are you talking about? Pakistan is not paying for her. And if she comes to Stanford, the university will pay for her, not any taxpayer.Recommend

  • Lakhkar Khan
    Oct 14, 2015 - 1:42AM


    You must be one of the graduate from University of Shiv Sena. Are you? Recommend

  • Fahad
    Oct 14, 2015 - 5:20AM

    How come malala get admission in universities without doing A levels/ intermediate? oxford allow admission directly after Olevels.?Recommend

  • Khurram
    Oct 14, 2015 - 5:55AM

    Why is there no mention of Harvard or Princeton? I am sure these universities must have offered her the the same what Oxford and Stanford have.Recommend

  • Amer
    Oct 14, 2015 - 6:05AM

    It’s interesting to see comments from Hindu Extremists on this young girls achievements. I think she is fighting extremists of all kind. Recommend

  • Suhaib
    Oct 14, 2015 - 8:54PM

    No matter where she studies from, Stanford or oxford, she definitely is the future prime minister of Pakistan. Also both the universities have the same surname that is FORD ;)
    She is still getting groomed for the big task in her life.Recommend

  • flipflop
    Oct 15, 2015 - 2:44AM

    Good for her, but I think she should go to a university in Pakistan. By going to a university in Pakistan she may encourage local population to get educated…Recommend

  • Carlton
    Jan 21, 2016 - 6:33PM

    Malala should despite the lack of sunshine go to Oxford University – by far it is the better more world renowned university than Stanford. Recommend

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