Germany slams Saudi Arabia's offer to build mosques for Syrian refugees as ‘cynical’

Politician says Germany does not need a cash donation to build 200 mosques but solidarity with refugees

Web Desk September 22, 2015
Andrea Scheuer, general secretary of the CSU party in Bavaria which is Chancellor Angela Merkel's ally in the state, called the offer 'cynical' given that the Kingdom is making thousands of refugees of its own in its military campaign in Yemen PHOTO: AFP

Politicians in Germany have criticised Saudi Arabia’s offer to build 200 mosques in the country for the ‘spiritual needs’ of Syrian refugees, given that the Kingdom has not offered to take in refugees fleeing from the civil war in Syria.

“No, it is more than cynical. This is no Muslim Brotherhood. Where is the solidarity in the Arab world?” Andrea Scheuer, general secretary of the Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU) party in Bavaria which is Chancellor Angela Merkel's ally in the state, asked.

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Saudi Arabia offered to build mosques in Germany as tens of thousands of refugees make their way to the Hungarian border to seek asylum in European countries, especially Germany, which will be taking in 800,000 migrants this year.

Saudi monarch King Salman reportedly made the offer through diplomatic channels and the news surfaced in Lebanese newspaper al diyar.

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Another German politician, Stephan Mayer, the domestic policy spokesperson of both the CSU and Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in parliament in Berlin, agreed with Scheuer, adding, “Germany does not need a cash donation to build 200 mosques but solidarity with the refugees.”

CDU Deputy Chairman Armin Laschet also voiced his opinion and said, “Instead of talking about funding mosques, Saudi Arabia should be thinking about taking refugees.”

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Following the Saudi offer, there was widespread outrage in Germany, with many newspapers expressing indignation that Germany would even consider such an offer from a country which gave out extreme punishments such as stoning, flogging and limb mutiliation.

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Alex | 5 years ago | Reply Germany is no Muslim nation, so I highly doubt they should change.
Tammy S | 5 years ago | Reply Every year the Saudis take in millions of Hajjis, house n provide water, they can afford it without blinking!! There is no positivity in the ones who claim to be the maintainers of the religion doing the least. Turkey built amazing refugee housing for the refugees and Germany is taking 800,000, the Arab countries that have taken in refugees are treating them horribly, conditions in Jordan are horrid. The United States blatantly ignore the words on the Statue of Liberty and take very few refugees, it's a disgusting disappointment that the Saudis don't lead by example but instead don't help at all except in a way they see to push their agenda
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