Musharraf is the best (II)

April 28, 2010

KARACHI: I welcome the announcement by General Musharraf that he will soon launch a political party in the country. He is just the kind of leader we need. I think he should come back to Pakistan and face the law – so that his critics are silenced once and for all. He has brought glory to the Pakistan Army and made us all proud in his interactions with India. I intend to join his party as soon as it is launched in Pakistan.


Usman Eshai | 13 years ago | Reply So, what about the missing persons? He would face a hard time here, for sure.
Nadir El Edroos | 13 years ago | Reply "He has brought glory to the Pakistan Army " I thought the Pakistan Army was most disciplined and most respected institution in Pakistan. Does that mean that now that Musharaf has departed the Army has lost its glory? What does it say of an institution if its "glory" depends on one individual?
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