10 Pakistani photographers worth following on Instagram

Published: September 11, 2015

KARACHI: Browsing Instagram has become part of our daily routines, and with over 150 million active users, there are a myriad uses for Instagram; be it to browse through travel photography, food, fashion or fitness. 

Since its launch, Instagram has offered photographers a new portal to showcase their photography, which is how we discovered the following 10 Pakistani photographers, all worth following on Instagram now:

1. Misbah Qaiser

#aerialview #hotel #madina #photography #blackandwhite #dp #dplife #instadaily @heist_online

A photo posted by Misbah Qaiser (@misbahqaiser) on

2. Asad Aman

3. Aamir

Eventually it all comes to an end. //#wallsofpakistan

A photo posted by Aamir | عامر (@s_aamer) on

4. Asad Faruqi

Bomb Disposal Unit – Peshawar, KPK.

A photo posted by Asad Faruqi (@asadfaruqi) on

5. Nade Aly

6. Mustafa Sheikh

Good night Amsterdam #iphoneonly #Amsterdam #goodnight #night #igers #instagood #night #VSCOgrid #mydubai

A photo posted by مصطفٰی الشيخ (@mustafa_sheikh) on

7. Nausheen Dadabhoy

8. Mohammad Anwerzada

9. Mahmood Ali Ahmed

10. Mazhar Nazir

View from Ayubia

A photo posted by Mazhar Nazir (@mazharnazirphotography) on

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Reader Comments (9)

  • Junaid Khan
    Sep 11, 2015 - 11:18PM

    You’re forgetting about Athar Khan… Recommend

  • Hassan
    Sep 11, 2015 - 11:27PM

    Without giving any caption or any other details about photographs it is quite disturbing and confusing the reader or viewer, beside this there is nothing new and exclusive which attract the reader, in my opinion its a parchi pix to facilitate some blue eyed people.Recommend

  • Anonymous
    Sep 12, 2015 - 4:51AM

    Ofcourse this is a parchi fix. I have better pictures then half of themRecommend

  • Blam
    Sep 12, 2015 - 10:14AM

    Missing so many great accounts, like @karachichaiwalla @maazinkamal @sadriwala @khaula28 Recommend

  • Athar Anis
    Sep 12, 2015 - 10:51AM

    You have missed Ahmed W. Khan. @ahmedwkhan
    His work is surely better than most listed photographers.

  • Shuja Hasan
    Sep 12, 2015 - 6:59PM

    A lot others should be listed here, such as Khuala Jamil, Muzi Sufi, Sadriwala, Ali Khursheed. But well it is unfortunate.Recommend

  • Anon
    Sep 15, 2015 - 9:31AM

    I don’t see anything unusual about some pics – am not a professional photographer but love to click scenes and i have some equally good if not better shots !!!Recommend

  • Check it out
    Sep 15, 2015 - 12:30PM

    Check out Umair Wadood. Surely, his pics are better than most of the pics shown above. He has been participating in international contests (runner up) and is an expert in portraits. Check his work out on umair wadood photography (FB page). Recommend

  • Observer
    Sep 16, 2015 - 1:30PM

    Putting layers of filter is not considered photography. The filters could make your food look good but not poorly captured real life images. Recommend

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