8 of the most dangerous airports in the world

During takeoff traffic has to be stopped to prevent accidents at Gibraltar International Airport

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While aircraft takeoffs and landings are always challenging, certain circumstances make them all the more dangerous, such as the location of the airport, the terrain, the altitude and the weather.

Here we have a list of eight of the most dangerous airports in the world:

1.Qamdo bamda Airport, Tibet, China


Located in the world’s highest mountains, the Himalayas, the airport is considered to be one of the highest airports in the world, situated at an altitude of 4334 meters. It also has a runway measuring 5.5 kilometres, the longest in the world. The lower concentration of oxygen at that altitude lowers the engine performance of the aircraft and is also distressful for newcomers.

2. Juancho E Yrausquin Airport, Saba Island


The island ruled by the Netherlands, is home to an airport so risky that it has to be shutdown, unless authorised for landing by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Netherlands Antilles. It has a 400 metre long runway surrounded by the sea at both ends with a steep hill descending at one side of the airport.

3. Gustaf III Airport, Saint Barthelemy


This Caribbean island under the French administration, utilises a hill slope as a runway to lower the speed of the landing aircraft. Due to the short runways, only small aircraft with the capacity of 20 passengers are able to land here.

4. Ice Runway, Antarctica


Although the runway is as stable as a cement one and could handle large aircraft, the risk materialises when the plane is coming to a stop, as the wheels may break the ice crust causing the wheels to sink into the ice.

5. Courchevel Airport, France


Located in the French Alps, the 525 metre long runway follows the neighbouring ski track situated at 2008 metres. It is able to handle small aircrafts and helicopters. Landing is next to impossible here during fogs due a lack of arrangement.

6. Tenzing Hillary Airport, Nepal


With a runway only 460 metres long, this airport is surrounded by mountains.  It is named after the first people who climbed to the top of Mount Everest, Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary.

7. Madeira Airport, Portugal


Madeira Airport is famous for its short runway tracks. Recently though, the runway has been extended and is almost double in size.

8.Gibraltar International Airport, Gibraltar


Due to a lack of flat surface this airport’s runways intersects the peninsula’s busiest road. During takeoff traffic has to be stopped to prevent accidents.

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Charlie Emmanuel | 6 years ago | Reply WOW!!! These are really dangerous airports for real. But you should have mentioned Muritala International Airport in Lagos (Nigeria) where power could go off any time.
Rollin & Trollin | 6 years ago | Reply Kathmandu airport ?
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