Quality of sport activities dismal in private schools of Sukkur

Published: August 25, 2015


Despite charging heavy fee from parents, many private schools in Sukkur have failed to provide quality sports and extra-curricular activities for healthy physical and mentally strong students.

The private schools as an industry has grown and flourished extensively in almost every city, district and even small towns at a very fast pace especially in the last couple of decades.

Sports and extra-curricular activities play an important role in students’ life as they help instil discipline, ensures physical fitness, allows confidence, decision making skills, team spirit and mental strength to develop. Moreover it is a constructive use of time as it maintains health.

Students can also use sports as a welcome break from their hectic academic schedules.

Due to a low standard of education in public schools, people prefer sending their children to private schools. However, a lot of these private schools have been unable to fulfil the expectations of parents. One can go as far as to say that the condition of public schools is somewhat better than private schools as their campuses are built on vast pieces of land unlike private schools operating in small buildings or even houses.

A lot of parents in Sukkur and other districts of the northern Sindh have expressed concerns over shortage of playgrounds and urged the officials concerned to construct playgrounds in their respective schools.

Talking to APP, Jamil Qureshi, father of a pupil, said that most of the schools do not have playgrounds due to the lack of space. He said that a large number of schools were operating in small houses, hence were unable to accommodate playgrounds. Resultantly, the situation has forced several schools administration to use parks and streets as a playground that is creating problems for the residents, he added.

Similarly, Nosheen Khokhar, mother of a student, said that schools without playgrounds should not be allowed to function. She said that private schools, despite charging heavy fee from parents, had failed to provide quality sports and extra-curricular activities.

Unfortunately, none of the government authorities are willing to take action against such schools, she said, adding that government alone was not to be blamed; rather the schools were equally responsible for the negligence.

An official from the Rotary Public School said it was mandatory for schools’ administrations to arrange cricket, hockey, football, basketball, volleyball and gymnastic competitions and physical training sessions for students at the school level; however, such activities were rarely taking place. He, nevertheless, was unable to answer as to why no action was being taken against schools that lacked playgrounds.

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