Jahangir left fuming at PSF set-up

Former players claim Jansher's selection as coach will not make a difference.

Natasha Raheel December 24, 2010

KARACHI: Former world squash champion Jahangir Khan is disgruntled with the Pakistan Squash Federation’s (PSF) approach towards hiring former players.

The ten-time British Open winner said that in order to bring a change in the sport, it was necessary for the federation to be run independently, instead of being governed by the Pakistan Air Force (Paf) as it is right now.

“I don’t have any issues with the Paf, in fact I appreciate that they have taken Jansher Khan on board, but hiring former players as coaches is not a solution,” Jahangir told The Express Tribune. “Jansher can tell newcomers how to play but you can’t expect one person to groom so many players alone. As far as I am concerned, I’ve always encouraged new talent but my problem lies with the set-up, it’s not at all player-friendly.”

Jahangir, who is one the most successful squash players in Pakistan’s history, had previously declined an offer to assist the PSF saying that he could not work in an organisation where irrelevant people held key posts. And even now Jahangir claims that he does not see himself assisting the PSF in anyway.

Despite the fact that Jansher joined hands with the PSF along with former world number one Qamar Zaman, who is currently serving as the vice-president of the federation, Jahangir does not expect much difference from his counterparts.

“Zaman has been associated with the PSF for a long time and I don’t see any change, in fact we have only seen decline in the last few years. So my point is valid.  We need to have an independent body. You can’t have officials who are not associated with the sport as you can’t identify the talent and groom it properly.”

Jahangir added that despite having friendly relations with Jansher, it would not deter him from speaking his mind. “They’re only using Jansher’s name and his job as the national coach is a sham.”

He added that he had tried to tell the PSF about where they were going wrong, and had even given them plans on revamping their structure but his suggestions fell on deaf ears.

Jahangir has been associated with the World Squash Federation, currently as an advisor and previously as president twice.

Meanwhile, Zaman was disappointed at Jahangir’s refusal to join the PSF, but agreed with Jahangir that improvements in coaching alone cannot bring change to Pakistan squash.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 25th, 2010.


Rehan | 10 years ago | Reply There is truth to what Jahangir is saying. But the bottom line is we need someone who can really groom the young players. Jansher is a legend but that doesn't necessarily makes him a good coach. He was in this position few years ago, started the same way by making big speeches. And then when the results were not there he blamed it all on the players. Part of the coach's job is to motivate. In my opinion the man for the job is Rehmat Khan. He has a track record that speaks for itself. When he was coaching the Pakistan Junior squad he delivered results that since then have not been duplicated(even with the same players). He was let go because in PSF's opinion he was asking for too much money. But you have to pay for the quality. Its just like paying for JF-17 and asking for F-16 quality. Yes to a certain extent the players are also to blame for. But again the motivation factor comes in. It seems that Rehmat knows how to motivate. He is in Kuwait and judging from what he has to work with the results are pretty awesome. So if I were a PSF official and I "really want" to bring the old glory back, I would bring Rehmat back as the coach for the top two(maybe 3) Pakistani players. And give him at least a year to show the results. Just my 2 cents.
Ali | 10 years ago | Reply Jahangir is right. PAF/PSF dont now how to bring upp new squash players theese days. Pakistan do not lack talent, but god governance. More players have to play at the international circut to gain experince to become good players.
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