Rape victim in India asked to balance heavy rock on head to prove her ‘purity’

According to ritual, if pregnant rape victim passes ‘sanctity test' she will be able to live with her husband again

Web Desk August 09, 2015

A rape victim in India was asked to balance a 40kg rock on her head in order to 'prove her purity' and reside with her husband again.

The rape survivor, who became pregnant as a result of the attack and had been denied an abortion by Gujarat High Court in India, has to undergo a ritual, called 'Agnipariksha'. If she passes this ‘sanctity test’, she would be able to live with her husband again.

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Speaking to India Today, the woman said she was living in fear and that her attacker had threatened to kill her when he gets released from prison.

Agnipariksha’, which means ‘test of fire’, is a traditional practice carried out in some parts of India because the virtue of women who have suffered sexual abuse is considered to be 'tainted'. The practice has its foundation in the Hindu poem Ramayana, in which Sita was made to sit in the fire after she had been kidnapped by a suitor.

The treatment of women and rape victims in India has caused a global debate after the gang rape of a 23-year-old student on a Delhi bus in 2012.

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A more recent case of the gang rape of a 71-year-old nun jolted India in March 2015. The nun was attacked late Friday after a gang of half a dozen robbers broke into a convent school in eastern West Bengal state and ransacked the premises.

The robbers gagged a security guard before assaulting the nun. They then entered the principal’s room and stole cash, a laptop and a mobile phone, according to police.

This article originally appeared on India Today


Seadorff | 6 years ago | Reply @Hassan: Both are 3rd World Countries. Just accept this fact and try to improve instead of competing through ET.
Hassan | 6 years ago | Reply @Jayant: Thank you so much to second my comment, as indeed India is way ahead of Pakistan in every aspect'' like child abuse, rape, killings, education, poverty, vulgarity, u are just following west in bad ways only, i remember Indian women were as decent as pakistanis but now check out the trend in your country seems like we are watching some western stuff, it is and it will never be ur culture, India have lost her identity, now whatever is happening around the world as a part of news our newspaper publish them, but that doesn't mean we r poking our nose into our neighbors rather we keep ourselves updated on issues going around in our neighboring countries, and seriously why do Indians feel offended when it is just another news for us??? why did all of you started telling us the same or the worse is happening in Pakistan??? did we ever claim to be the most Ideal country in the world or the most progressing one??? why do Indians generally have problems with respect to their country, i mean it more seems like that all of you have some sort of inferiority complex, its like if u r rich and wearing a ripped jeans it won't really bother u but if u happens to be a poor guy this similar situation would be far embarrassing... i think the case with Indian is the later one. just relax don't think sharing a news about India is as if we have attacked ur country's dignity.. take it as another news...simple.
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