Spotted: Captain Jack Sparrow pulling rickshaw in India

Did Jack Sparrow give up the Black Pearl for the Indian roads and a rickshaw?

Entertainment Desk July 24, 2015
Now we know where his broken compass was leading him to! PHOTO: NDTV

It's the season of doppelgangers it seems. First it was the Pakistani Tom Cruise, then it was Virat Kohli's lookalike, now it's the loose-moraled Captain Jack Sparrow!

Found on the streets of India, this rickshaw driver was discovered by New Delhi resident Maynell Arora. She quickly took a snap and put it up on Facebook:

Social media went into a frenzy with people asking about him, sharing his photo and laughing in amusement. Here are a few tweets that show people's excitement:

One even got a little creative and added a twist to the famous film:

Previously, a Pakistani Virat Kohli made headlines and had Indian publications wondering if he could play like their swashbuckler. However, no one could deny the uncanny resemblance the Pakistani bore to the Indian cricketer.

Here he is:

Kohli’s new lookalike was pictured wearing a Pakistan cricket team jersey. Though his picture is making rounds on social media, little is known about the man himself.

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