Chand Nawab requests compensation from Salman Khan

The reporter says he will be meeting the Bollyood megastar soon

Our Correspondent July 24, 2015
Chand Nawab has requested the Bollywood megastar to pay compensation for using him as inspiration. PHOTO: FILE

KARACHI: Internet sensation Chand Nawab has become quite a celebrity, not just in Pakistan but across the border as well. The TV reporter is now seeking compensation from the makers of Bajrangi Bhaijaan for using a character in their film which was inspired by him.

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Chand is thankful to Salman for considering him worthy enough for a role to be based on him.

The reporter says he is a "poor journalist" and doesn't want to deal with the legalities but does expect Salman to compensate him for using him as an inspiration.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, Chand said, "It's just a request, I'm not going to sue them or go to court over it. If they decide to give it, then well and good, otherwise it's not a problem."

The Pakistani reporter will be going to meet Salman Khan soon and doesn't know if his request will be met.

"I will be meeting Salman Khan, I cannot disclose when, it's under discretion, but yes, I will be meeting him and if he decides to compensate me then that will be great.

"This is about Pakistan's respect, my intention is not to mint money, it's simply a request," explained Chand.

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His viral video may have hampered his career as a serious journalist but it has made him a 'hero' as Kabir Khan put it.

“This movie could be a new beginning for my career,” Chand told Gulf News.


Indian Observer | 8 years ago | Reply Salman Khan and Rockline Venkatesh should handsomely pay Chand Nawab as well as the Sabri brothers. Its a combination of all these that makes the film a big hit as well bring in the money. Give them a small share of the profits too, not too much , not too little. Be generous, it will do good to you Salman and Venkatesh.
Aman | 8 years ago | Reply @Nain and Gemini....... first of all there are almost 500 movies annually get released in Bollywood and out of 500 hardly 3-4 movies took inspiration from Hollywood movies.......most of the successful Bollywood movies are based on their own content..... and yes Hollywood is one of most prominent industry in world cinema, European, Australian, Asian film makers also take inspiration from Hollywood movies.....and sometimes we also take,,,,, thing is we don't hate Hollywood and USA, so we can take inspiration from their movies ..... but why Pakistanis run after Bollywood movies and songs , when India is their enemy country.....
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