Islamic State trains young boys to ‘practice beheading on dolls’

Yahya and his brother spent five months in training before managing to escape an IS training camp

Web Desk July 21, 2015
Boys as young as eight are forced into training. PHOTO: THE TELEGRAPH

A Yazidi boy who escaped an Islamic State (IS) training camp related that he was made to practice beheading on dolls and was forced to fight his own brother.

When IS fighters took over Yazidi towns in northern Iraq last year, they killed older men and imprisoned many women and girls. The young boys, however, were taken to training camps where the IS forced them to convert to Islam and trained them into becoming fighters.

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Yahya, 14, and his brother spent five months in training before managing to escape the ‘Farouq Institute For Cubs’ in Raqqa a few months ago.

Yahya recounted, "They brought dolls and they told us how to hold the sword and how to chop off the head. The first time I hit it I couldn't cut it, neither the second and third time. But then they taught me how to hold the sword and they told me how to hit and they told me that it was the head of the infidels."

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The training camps are being run by IS to build a new generation of militants.

This article originally appeared on The Telegraph


Muhammad Imran | 8 years ago | Reply In 2008-10 the same game was played by the Taliban in Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa province of Pakistan by training very young boys for firing and beheading etc. However the ISIS is more fierce and blood thirsty than them and if not destroyed they may even cook human beings for their fighters because their aim is to "terrify and rule" and their main weapons are horror and violence. I understand that both the Taliban and ISIS are two sides of the same coin but the former at least in their own opinion are fighting for a national cause of freedom though I condemn them too. ISIS was an infant snake two years before but due to drinking fresh human blood in abundance it has finally grown bigger than a thousand miles longer anaconda having its head and tail in different countries and determined to swallow the whole of humanity. It's the time now to unite the whole world against it specially the surrounding regional powers and to exterminate it once for all. It's crimes are worst than that of Saddam, Osama and Qazzafi etc. How many were killed by them combinedly or raped/plundered etc? If the world can get unite for the freedom of Kuwait etc why can't they do the same against these beasts? How long the US, Russia, Chin, France and UK etc will be watching this devil dance in the cradle of humanity? Isn't it shameful for world powers to keep quiet and calm? Why? Because the US, Europe, Russia and China etc are safe? This is just like that a fox occupies an area of the lions and warns them not to dare to look towards her. Then what type of lions these are? It's enough. Due to the hands of these beasts the world has seen the biggest migration of war stricken people. They have destroyed every thing they can and are still doing. They have irrigated the Fertile Crescent with the blood and I am sure the waters of Euphrates and Tigris will be so ashamed for not able to irrigate the field there. I am sure that the sousl of Chengiz Khan and Halaku Khan etc will be ashamed to see what is being done 800 years after them in a modern and civilised world. We don't have time to watch because we already have been watching the most satanic naked dance against humanity for the last many years. ISIS is still in the bud stage and it can be uprooted easily now as compared to the later stage when it will become a strong death tree. I am of the opinion that if the world powers don't take any solid step against them then it becomes the foremost responsibility of all the neighbouring states around the ISIS to get unite and crush them under foot like the spring-maggots because if they didn't fight now against it together, they eventually will have to do the same in near future but separately and with huge losses of men and money.
rohit950723 | 8 years ago | Reply Why Pakistanis are silent today..
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