Hardees faces heat over 'fresh buns' advertisement

Fast food chain wants its loyal customer base to quite literally take a second look at its 'buns'

Web Desk July 21, 2015

Fast food chain Hardees, a sister brand of the American Carl's Jr, is known for its juicy burgers and milkshakes. But the global favourite, which landed its feet in Pakistan in 2009, now wants its customer base to quite literally take a second look at its buns.  

A new advertisement seen on the fast food chain's Lahore outlet has everyone talking. The ad captures two buns neatly placed together and a woman's hand firmly grabbing one. The ad reads 'fresh buns'. The innuendo can hardly be missed.

While the Hardees' marketing team definitely pushed the envelope with this one, not everyone seems to be happy about the ad.




Some were a little more forgiving

This isn't the first time the fast food giant has used controversial marketing techniques. Before its launch in Pakistan, Hardees released a stream of advertisements geared to stir controversy.

The fast food chain's 'unbuckle your belt' advertisement, which featured a pair of jeans with an open zip, being one of the notable ones.


Babar | 7 years ago | Reply Well Hardees should have been reprimanded when they ran the double meanings during the launch itself. They tested the waters then, when no one stopped them they became bolder. Enter the buns. This is how acceptance to lewdness and shamelessness is born. All the posts that deem it ok should share the images with their parents or children. If you feel ashamed to do that then yes, those are shameful ads meant to conjure sexual meaning. If someone cannot see, either ethically there is something wrong with you or you are trying hard to be a wannabe liberal.
Ayesha Ahmed | 7 years ago | Reply This ad is morally incorrect and sexulizes women. If accepting such ads is called modernism then bear in mind that western countries have come out of this. check out: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/16/vintage-sexist-adsn4612110.html
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