Challenge accepted: 8 kinds of relatives we will have to face to get Eidi

Eid is here. There's food, new clothes, new shoes and lots (or so we hope) of Eidi!

Ibbad Shah July 18, 2015
Every individual, usually below the age of 20 looks forward to only one thing, the Eidi. PHOTO: FILE

KARACHI: Eid is here! And like every year, it has brought with it lots of blessings. There's food, new clothes, new shoes and lots (or so we hope) of Eidi. 

If you're a teenager, or even if you're not, you try your best to impress your relatives hoping they would take out that stash of Rs100 notes from their pockets and hand it over to you. Sometimes though it's the Rs10 notes and you get only five of them and that too if you're lucky.

Let's take a look at eight different kinds of relatives we will need to impress this Eid and let's quickly start planning on how to woo them:

1. Daadi/Naani ammi 

Our favourite Eidi givers are our beloved grandparents. Their pockets are as big as their hearts, and even if they don't give a good amount, that Eid-special 2-minute kiss in the morning just makes up for everything.

Thank you all the naanis and daadis, it's the thought that counts!

2. Mothers

They have been tortured and given a lot of stress the entire month of Ramazan. From late night shopping to making iftaris, mothers just want to rest on Eid. And when you ask about Eidi, "Beta you know that's your dad's department, I made the lunch."

Can't argue with that can you?

3. The random uncle from abroad, "Beta call him Maamu"

He's the one, the ace card, the real target, the only suitable option to get a good amount of EidiThese uncles are usually your parents' old friends who show up at your house for Eid, and when they ask you how much Eidi you want, although you want it all, you're just like..And the moment he takes out his wallet to give Eidi...We love having you at our house random uncles, please visit us every year!

4. The Taya

He may only give Rs100 to all the kids, but his style is traditional. To make everyone sit in the room and then...

5. Fathers

They are the best people to ask for Eidi. Whether you get cash or presents, fathers know how to make you happy on Eid. They give you their share and your mother's, and have no complaints whatsoever.You go fathers!

6. Bhaiya and Aapi

They would rather burn the money then give the younger siblings Eidi. You are one lucky individual if you're not the younger one in the family.

7. The Phupa

Don't you wonder if your phupha really wanted to give that Rs500 note, because his face definitely says, 'No!' They give Eidi very discreetly, to only their favourites or the ones who can keep their mouths shut. The minute word goes around that phupa is giving Eidi, here's how they react:

8. The family friends

Your siblings might be annoying as hell, but their friends are equally generous with their Eidi giving methods. It's a great moment when your elder sibling's friends come over on Eid.

Eid is a happy occasion for Muslims all over the world, no matter how much Eidi they get. But it could be much more than that if you share that Eidi of yours with people who don't get any at all.

So this Eid, please spread love and share your Eidi, Eid Mubarak folks!


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