Canadian man leaves Indian bride teary-eyed with 'Tum Hi Ho’ rendition

It took Frank six weeks to learn the lyrics and piano chords to the popular Bollywood love song

July 16, 2015
Frank created a memonet that Simran will never forget for the rest of her life. PHOTO: FILE

Canadian groom Frank Gregoire set a perfect example of how love transcends all barriers when he sang a rendition of Tum Hi Ho for his Indian wife, Simran Malhotra, at their wedding reception.

According to the Huffington Post Canada, Frank had initially decided to recite a poem or write a song for his bride but after speaking to his mother-in-law, he decided to sing Tum Hi Ho for Simran. It took Frank six weeks to learn the lyrics and piano chords to popular Bollywood love song.

"At the time I approached Simran's mom and she recommended a few options, one of which was Tum Hi Ho. Once I read the translation, I realised I couldn't have found anything more perfect to express my feelings to her," he says.

Tum Hi Ho is a romantic songs from a 2013 movie Aashiqui 2. The song is about appreciating your true love and not wanting to live without them.

It is evident that he practiced hard for he pulled it off with proper Hindi diction, maintaining the essence of the original song that left his bride in tears of joy.

"My heart sank when I first heard him sing in Hindi. It was a feeling I had never felt before," Simran told the Huffington Post Canada. "The only thing I was thinking was, 'How did he manage to do this?' I was the only one at the reception who knows how hard he truly works."

The couple got married on June 27 in Baltimore, Maryland and Frank performed the song during the reception after the couple's Sikh and Christian wedding ceremonies.

On their wedding day, the couple invited 130 of their closest family and friends, who were all in tears when they heard the groom sing for the first time.

"All our family and friends are on cloud nine still. That moment is one I will never forget for the rest of my life," said Simran.

Simran is from Toronto and Frank is from Sherbrooke, Que. They met at work in 2012 in Baltimore, where they now live. Malhotra, 27, was beginning her medical residency, while Gregoire, 36, was starting a job as a critical care physician.

Frank, who has been called a "closet singer/piano player," comes from a musically talented family and plays for fun on weekends. Following Franks performance for his bride, the groom’s uncle Marc joins his nephew to recite WaWaWaWa — a goofy line his family came up with during one Christmas in Montreal.

"When his uncle came down the week before the wedding, he told me they were just playing around on the piano one night, but secretly it was to lighten up the mood and make me laugh," she said.

"Frank is the most fun loving guy I know. He can make anyone fall in love with him; whether it be my 10-year-old niece, my 89-year old-granddad, my best friend, one of his patients or a stranger on the street."