Mirror on the wall: City’s young make-up artist worth splurging for on gloomy day

Only 21, Mahnoor Arbab runs successful salon, boutique

Amina Khan July 16, 2015
Arbab has honed her skills in hairstyling and has also been in the clothing business for two years now. PHOTOS COURTESY: MAHNOOR ARBAB


When it comes to a career path, women in Peshawar refuse to fall behind. They have their foot in the door in the fields of engineering, information technology and even something that the city is not very famous for – the hair and beauty industry.

One of the budding artists in this field is Mahnoor Arbab who is ready to groom the women of her city with her fine aesthetic sense and almost innate sense for make-up. The 21-year-old initially began by learning the tricks of the trade on her own and used her nouveau aesthetics to groom the women in her family. She later expanded her clientele to her friends while she was also running a boutique and now has set up her own salon inside her house.

It has only been 10 months since Arbab started her salon Cazibe and in this short span has managed to win the props of many who now opt for her salon. Beauty does not come cheap; Cazibe’s price list is rather steep, almost the same as other famous places that have been in business for quite some time.

International certification

Arbab never limited herself to self-tutorials. She was trained by a certified make-up artist in Karachi, Anam, and Samer Khouzami who is a top-notch celebrity artist from Beirut. Not only make-up, Arbab has also honed her skills in hairstyling and is certified from the French hair and make-up academy in Dubai, Formul’a.

Not only is she looked up to for her skills, she has also become a role model for girls in the city who are inspired by her for running two businesses on her own.

“In the past 10 months I have trained over 150 girls,” she told The Express Tribune. Arbab does not believe in saving costs and using substandard products on her clients, she uses renowned international brands.

Another reason why her salon is famous among locals is because she has fast become known for introducing styles and techniques trending across the globe.

Arbab has now been in the clothing business for two years now. She has held several exhibitions.

With a focus on practical business and getting her hands dirty, she said she had little interest in becoming an academic or finding a career path which required extensive studying. “I was never fond of studies but always managed to get an A+,” she admitted.

“I wanted to become a renowned business woman and that I have become now; I believe in good luck.”

Published in The Express Tribune, July 16th, 2015. 


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