10 times Pakalu Papito summed up life perfectly

Life is not as easy as bumper stickers claim it to be. True story.

Entertainment Desk August 17, 2015
Life is not as easy as bumper stickers claim it to be. True story. PHOTO: FACEBOOK

Whoever said actions speak louder than words was wrong, internet sensation Pakalu Papito puts our woes to words perfectly. 

Here are 10 times the gas station owner proved why words are mightier than the sword:

1. When you decide to sweep your problems under the rug, and hope they don't come back to haunt you later in life.

Maybe in some other lifetime... maybe.

2. When your parents are forcing a rishta upon you and you're just like...

3. When you're hoping for a miracle after puberty; braces, glasses, pimples... not the best accessories in high school.

4. When you're trying to convince yourself that beauty is on the inside and not on the outside, but fail miserably.

5. When you realise work life is not as cool and is overrated. No amount of money in the world can make up for lost sleep.

6. When you realise you and your parents will never be on the same page. They love you, but don't test their patience, bro.

7. When you decide to pay a visit to your local dessert place (read: Hot Spot) for your all-time favourite dessert and cringe at the crowd.

What is this place? Kindergarten?

8. When you thought after getting a job you'd have money to travel the world... but then reality hits home.

Plan B, C, D... Anything would work at this point.

9. When you're too lazy to gym and hope walking for hours while talking on the phone makes up for it.

Dang I look good! Yep, that really helped.

10. Just when you're happy and living your life, your parents find a way to knock you down with the force of Thor's hammer.



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