Premiere chatter: Here's what people are saying about Bin Roye

The film's premiere was held on Monday amid much fanfare

Munnazzah Raza July 14, 2015
Bin Roye cast at the premiere of the film

KARACHI: What an emotional roller coaster ride! Bin Roye churns out pure, raw emotions of love, hate, anger and passion onscreen – owing purely to the brilliant performance of the cast.

The premiere of the film was held on Monday amid much fanfare and was attended by the who's who of the Pakistani entertainment industry. Everyone seemed to be having a good time which only means one thing: Bin Roye is set to take the box office by storm.

Mahira Khan is a powerhouse of talent, there's no doubt about that. Her acting brought the audience to tears. She was brilliant. And portrays her character with great panache. From Humsafar to Bin Roye, Mahira has come a long way and it was evident from the level of applaud and cheers heard in the cinema that she has captured the hearts of the audience.

“Mahira looks amazing and acts brilliantly. You can tell she is ready to take on Bollywood. She is the saving grace of the movie even though the storyline of the film suffered from too many loopholes,” said a movie enthusiast present at the premiere.

Humayun Saeed’s role is a little awkward to say the least. But there’s no doubt that he acts well in the film and swept the audience off their feet with his charm.

The film touches upon love but never spurs emotions or scenes which leave you feeling uncomfortable or at unease.

But let’s get to the crux of the story; the plot lacks depth. Although the storyline is not unheard of in our part of the world, it is a bit cringe-worthy. Good storylines are usually woven together with one thread, however Bin Roye lacks that common thread for a number of reasons.

"Bin Roye certainly had its weak moments but its catchy music and Mahira Khan’s stellar performance undeniably made up for most, if not all of them. Even a guy could relate to Saba’s internal conflicts and despair," said one movie buff.

Two redeeming factors of this romantic drama are the music and acting which were outclass. Everybody left the cinema humming tunes to their favourite songs in the film.

Chan Chariye was a good, catchy song,” said an avid moviegoer.

After the premiere was over the makers of the film jokingly apologised about there being no item song in the film, however an item song does not break or make the film, in fact Bin Roye does not need an item song, it doesn’t need distractions like item numbers to destroy the appeal of the film.

As one movie lover aptly put it “it’s a good film but Mahira stole the show”.

Twitter too shared love for Mahira Khan and the film:


Lydia | 8 years ago | Reply Even though I am not a native Pakistani or Urdu speaker, I have to say that this movie was beyond my expectations. I enjoyed it so much and I end up crying in certain scenes. The movie was bright, colorful, interesting and most importantly it was family friendly. We have seen many movies which have kiss scenes, adultery etc, but it was really nice seeing that something so viewer friendly could be so good. I am looking forward to the next film from Pakistan. Excellent Job Pakistan.
Ayesha | 8 years ago | Reply I must say what an amazing movie. Humayun saeed & mahira khan went perfectly togther.. Also zeba bakhtiar stunning as ever and jawed sheikh were awesome too.. I think each individual has come togther and put this movie togther and the effort shows..songs were brilliant the storyline was great and being a pakistani i felt the movie really tocuhed me espcially on the eid occasions eidi going out shopping chaand raat and nikah the rasams outfit everything.. A very big thank you for everyone that contributed towrds bin roye it was great entertainment.. I think i wil be going back to the cinemas to watch it again definatley :) well done to all
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