Bollywood besties: Sonam and Jacqueline's friendship will make you miss your BFF

If Sonam has swine flu or Jacqueline is on the verge of wardrobe malfunction, both are ever ready to rescue the other

Entertainment Desk July 20, 2015
If Sonam has swine flu or Jacqueline is on the verge of wardrobe malfunction, both are ever ready to rescue the other. PHOTO: FILE

Three years and still going strong! Bollywood beauties Sonam and Jacqueline prove that their friendship surpasses all amidst the B-Town rat race.

'Jack' and 'Sones' as they like to call each other, have been friends for years yet have never worked together. According to Bollywood Life, an insider said, “Sonam and Jackie met during the Mausam premiere in 2011 but they became friends when Jackie was shooting with Sonam’s father Anil Kapoor in Race 2 (2013)."

Since then they have been two peas in a pod. "They like to hang out when they are not shooting, meet for dinners and even party together. Jackie was the only actor at Sonam’s birthday party earlier this month. They share fashion and fitness with each other," added the source.

Unlike most friendships which last over the course of a film for example, Rani Mukherjee and Vidya Balan's bond during No One killed Jessica and Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra's dosti during Fashion - but once the film was over, so was the friendship.

If Sonam has swine flu, Jacqueline rushes to the hospital to make sure her friend is okay and when Jacqueline is on the verge of wardrobe malfunction, Sonam makes sure things do not get out of control.They party together and stand by each other's side. Here are some of the pictures of the two sharing an enviable camaraderie.

The two beauties were photographed while they walked holding hands:

When Sonam made it on Vogue India:

Jacqueline was excited about her bestie's movie!

Birthday wishes for the dear friend!

Sonam is Jackie's style icon!

Girl's are in party spirit!

Sonam is Jacqueline's princess. And it is her birthday.

This is what happens when you try to watch your best friend's movie while you decorate your Christmas tree and bake muffins at the same time! But Sones loves Jack for this.

Happy Halloween!

The girls showing off their awards.

When Sonam's sunshine friend was on the cover of Verve.

The best date. The caption says it all.

The two friends celebrated Asin's birthday with their usual enthusiasm.

Sonam wished to have celebrated the fantastic existence of Jacqueline Fernandez with her!

And then Sonam rescued her friend from a wardrobe malfunction.

In an interview, when Jacqueline was asked about her friendship with Sonam Kapoor, the Sri Lankan beauty said, "The weirdest thing is we don’t know how our friendship started. We were just kind of bumping into each other and meeting one another.

"There’s this mutual respect we have for each other and there’s no sense of competition between the both of us. We help each other a lot. She has really seen me through a lot of struggles, and has always been there for me," said the Kick actress.

"I think it’s the most amazing thing to see in an actress because she has no insecurities. She is really confident, focused, and she knows what she wants. She really inspires me and whenever I need advice on something especially work-related I always ask her for it. And she very happily gives it to me. She gives me advice that really works for me and has really worked for me," she added.

"I could not have asked for a better friend in Bollywood. She really has my back. And I really love that girl because of how genuine she is," said Jack, expressing her love for BFF Sones.