Male-dominated society?

Sheraz Khan April 26, 2010

KARACHI: With regard to the recent passage of the law on sexual harassment and your coverage of it, may I say that all of this is a drama. How can this be a male-dominated society when women get preferential treatment when they get to wait in line separately, don’t have to work night shifts in offices and can use the office transport to go home?


Reader | 13 years ago | Reply this is supposed to be some kind of article. its more like an after-thought... better quality expected from the express tribune
Meekal Ahmed | 13 years ago | Reply How true. If I want to get anything done in Pakistan, I send a female member of the family in my place. Dress nicely, emerge from a big car, speak your best English and brush by the PA and right into the persons office. True it is a paradox. We don't treat our women well, or such is the impression, but in our society woman attract a lot of respect.
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