7 skills you need to survive in this big, bad world

It is okay to give up as long as you know you gave it your best

Urooj Jawed July 11, 2015

Life is full of pressure but just like you needed a strategy to pass those exams or land your dream job you will need a strategy to survive in this big, bad world. 

These seven skills will help you get through life, usually termed as the survival of the fittest.

1. Stop complaining 

We understand how hot it is, how desperately you need a break from your hectic life or how your mother-in-law gave you a Sana Safinaz copy for your birthday. But let's face it, everyone has their own problems to deal with and if you have time to complain, you most definitely have time to do something about it! And truth be told, nobody likes being around a complainer.

2. Know the difference between a friend and a backstabber

Be careful of who you vent to, not everyone who is nice to you is your friend. Know the difference and eliminate toxic people from your life and workplace.

3. Forgive yourself

Forgiveness is a process. It does not happen overnight but rather than holding on to regrets, realise you did the best you could at the time.

4. Good sense of humour

As the saying goes, "life's better when you're laughing" -- and no one knows that more than good-humored individuals. Those who have a good sense of humor not only see the value in making others laugh, but they also prioritise laughter.

5. The ability to say 'no'

Setting boundaries is one of the most important skills to master for both personal and professional growth. We agree it takes a lot of courage to say no without having to justify yourself. However, saying that two-letter word shows that you have your life together and refuse to be driven around by others.

6. Listen

Ironically, the more we talk, the less we’re able to communicate. Don't just hear somebody out, truly listen and understand the situation. No matter how urgent you think it is to respond, it is not, take a deep breath and give it a thought.

7. It’s okay to give up

It's never too late to start over. If you weren't happy with yesterday, try something different today, or strive for better. Know what is good for you and respect it, don't give anyone the power to call you a quitter.


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