5 Karachi restaurants you must visit at iftar in the last 10 days of Ramazan

Iftar is an important meal, which is why we don't like to risk eating something which leaves a bad taste in our mouth

Ibbad Shah July 08, 2015
Iftar is an important meal, which is why we don't like to risk eating something which leaves a bad taste in our mouth. PHOTO: FILE

KARACHI: Iftar is the most important meal of the day during Ramazan and it can sometimes be tough to choose the right restaurant if you're planning on throwing an iftar party or simply want to take your family out on one of the days. 

Karachi is home to some of the best restaurants in the country. Here is a list of our favorite restaurants you can head out to during the last 10 days of the holy month:

1. Kolachi 

Located by the sea, Kolachi offers delicious Continental, Lebanese, BBQ, Chinese and Pakistani food with a beautiful view.


Adults charges are Rs1490 + tax per head and kids are charged Rs890 + tax per head.

Buffet Timings: 6.00pm till 09.00pm daily.

2. Nando's

Fancy some spicy, sizzling chicken? While most people have a love-hate relationship with Nando's, there's no denying that their iftar deal is definitely worth trying.


The tongue tantalizing story of succulently grilled chicken in lemon and herb or Peri-Peri always leaves you wanting for more. Iftar prices here are cheaper than most other restaurants.


While the long wait and limited seating space may irritate you, Nando's is definitely worth trying.

3. Mews

Mews is the latest addition to Karachi’s burgeoning café culture. The elegant cafe has a unique ambiance. Modeled as a British mews, the entrance opens into a narrow alley that leads to a series of attractive, inter-connected dining areas with a very European feel.


The food too is as good as it looks. The main dishes at Mews are a smorgasbord from around the world, including a kimchi wrap, Korean beef bowl and flatbread pizza. The menu includes a handful of healthy options – wholefood dishes like their black quinoa salad. The menu also includes pizzas, sandwiches, wraps, grilled fish, laksa, mac 'n' cheese and a burger, among other dishes.

You can either order your own separate meal or go with the iftar platter, both will be under Rs1500 per head.

4. BBQ Tonight 

The best test of quality is absolute satisfaction of customers. And BBQ Tonight is known for doing that for years.

The restaurant has great food variety, ranging from traditional BBQ dishes to sea food, Afghan and middle-Eastern food straight from the tandoor and even steaks.

BBQ Tonight has an attractive menu and a good atmosphere; it's one of the few places which is always full with food lovers, even on chaand raat.

The iftar buffet is priced at Rs1400 per head (inclusive of tax) while the sehri buffet will cost you Rs1050 (inclusive of tax).


5. TAO

Pan Asian cuisine has always been known for its blend of complex flavours, and at TAO you can definitely learn all about it.


The restaurant offers classic dishes drawn from Malay, Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisines balanced with -- what the claim to be -- their own cultural appetite which "bring forth a burst of taste, gratification and finesse." Ranging from fresh salads, freshly made sushi, comforting soups to fiery concoctions of meat and vegetables to soothing rice dishes and delectable desserts, TAO's enticing Pan-Asian menu is one you can't miss.



Ahsan Budhani | 8 years ago | Reply Desi food is our pride and our menu is filled with varieties. Each item in our menu has gone through a lot of scrutiny so that it gets perfect for you to taste. Our spices are well balanced and our sauces are the perfect complement to the food. Get a Reservation today www.Khanji.pk
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