These Komal Rizvi 'selfie memes' are winning the internet!

From Ayyan Ali to scenes from Game of Thrones, trolls left no stone unturned to shame the singer's selfie act

Entertainment Desk July 07, 2015
From Ayyan Ali to Game of Thrones, Internet trolls left no stone unturned to shame the singer's selfie act.

Internet trolls strike again! Outraged internet users have started making memes of Komal's controversial selfie with Edhi, and these memes are hilarious! No wonder they're going viral on social media.

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From Ayaan Ali to scenes from Game of Thrones and even Shaista Lodhi's wedding pictures, the memes feature Komal posing with almost everyone and in almost every bizarre situation from the recent past. It seems trolls left no stone unturned to shame the singer.

While some may have done it out of anger, and some for fun, there's no denying that they are highly amusing. Take a look:

Shaadi mein nahi bulaya toh kya hua, Photoshop hai na! Next photobomb: honeymoon pictures!

"#NoFilter #AhmedShehzad'sKasaiMoment #CricketIsLove #BleedGreen #BoysDayOut"

The 'agent of chaos' beaten at his own game

Rizvi's Game of Selfies

Komal's begaani shaadi main Abdullah deewana moment

YOLO! Selfie time with my scandalous other half

"I was so overwhelmed by IK's presence, and so honoured to watch him sleep that I had to take a selfie."

You know nothing till you've taken a selfie with Komal Rizvi

Komal's selfie with Bhai #ForeverFriendZoned

Now we know why the dinosaurs went extinct

Selfie level: Qaim!

Axcusee me, aapp bhi??

"Such a sad moment, I was heartbroken... selfie time!"

In the end it all boiled down to this:

Photos have been taken from Facebook pages Green Memes, Sarcasmistan and The Olaad Movement.

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