A matter of Syed Noor’s honour

Director ready to release a film that was scheduled to hit the cinemas five years ago

ADNAN LODHI July 06, 2015
Previously, Noor’s Bhai Wanted was slated to release on Eidul Fitr. PHOTO: FILE

LAHORE: Stating last minute changes in the script of Bhai Wanted as the reason, Syed Noor is disappointed for not being able to showcase the film on Eid as earlier promised. However, he is gearing up to release his much-anticipated film Price of Honour, soon after Eid. The film has wrapped up its post-production phase and the veteran filmmaker is currently looking for suitable release date after Eid.

“The post-production of Price of Honour has been completed abroad and I am trying to make it into as good a product as possible. It will indeed be a beautiful film and a significant addition to Pakistan’s film industry,” Noor told The Express Tribune.

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He is actively negotiating with distributors and cinema owners for a world-wide release of Price of Honour. According to previous reports, the film was scheduled to release in Europe, India, UK and USA in addition to its running in theatres across all the major cities of Pakistan.

He said that Price of Honour was initially scheduled to release in July 2010, which was pushed to April 2011 later on and then some technical issues in its post-production took almost four years to get fixed.

The story of Price of Honour touches the human rights issue of honour killings in Pakistan and received a lot of applause by the film fraternity right after Noor had unveiled the project.  Noor opted to shoot the film in Southern Punjab with a major chunk of it being filmed in Rahim Yar Khan.

“The script is not about any individual’s personality or a victim of honour killing. It is just about the prevalence of an issue that has been fueled by repeated ignorance and illiteracy.”

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Noor also said that our film industry is moving towards a new era and the old lot of filmmakers has an equally significant role to play as the new comers. “Despite the difficulties we may face in selling our product to a new market, the old-school filmmakers are still associated with the showbiz. And I am positive that films such as Price of Honour will be a good step towards the progress of Pakistani cinema.”

It is important to mention that Noor has given a big break to new comers in his upcoming film. He selected the lead actors namely, Atif Naveed, Danyal and Rakshi from a local talent hunt show.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 7th, 2015.

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