Shaista Lodhi breaks silence on wedding, shares photos with fans

The wedding was very small and a close family affair

Entertainment Desk July 06, 2015
The wedding was very small and close family affair to make sure the bride enjoyed the most. PHOTO: SHAISTA LODHI OFFICIAL WEBSITE/ IFFY PRODUCTIONS

Former morning show host Shaista Lodhi has finally broken silence on her recent wedding, revealing the name of her husband and finally sharing photos of the event.

Earlier on June 30, a tweet from Shaista took fans by surprise. It was the day she suddenly announced that she had gotten married.

In the tweet, only the bride and groom exchanging rings were seen thus the identity of the groom was unknown, leaving fans anxious for more details.

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Another tweet soon surfaced showing a candid picture of the bride and groom along with one of Shaista’s sons. People however were still curious as to who the groom was.

Shaista promised to share more pictures of her wedding with her fans. She kept her word and published a blog on her official website telling her story along with the pictures of the ceremony.


In her blog, Shaista explains how difficult the last year was for her. The morning show host had to leave the country after one of her TV programmes became controversial, leaving her loved ones behind. Being away from home, in a foreign country and no work was difficult but what kept her spirits together were her children.


“Being able to spend all my time with my children was a luxury that instantly started repairing me, and with my son’s ability to say just the right thing at the right time – life was golden again,” said Shaista in her blog.

Back home her parents were concerned about her well-being. The unfortunate serties of events took a toll on her mother’s health and she ended up on a wheel chair. Shaista was clueless as to what will happen next.


Then in June, she returned to Pakistan with her children with fresh optimism that outlined her responsibilities as a morning show host.

“The responsibilities I have by being a morning shows host and a life coach to millions must be taken with the highest regard, and that my work and life should increase my love and respect for my Lord each day and through every action,” asserted  Shaista, through her blog.

It was around that time when she realised that she too needed time and attention. Her family and elders always suggested to her to consider settling again but Shaista had her misgivings due to the past experience. But then, as she thought of her kids, their future, the society and a woman’s life in general, she started taking the idea seriously.


Finally on June 30th she got married. According to Shaista, the groom's name is Adnan Lodhi, a relative of hers who won the hearts of her parents and elders. He is the first Pakistani auctioneer of Arts in South Africa and has been a source of courage and comfort to her children and herself.


Shaista wore a gorgeous white pishwas with intiriate embroidery in gold and silver on her wedding day. Her outfit was designed by Zainab Chotani while her hair and makeup was done elegantly by Saba Ansari of Sabs. The bride wore gold jewelry by Sumaira Haris of Mibali Jewelry and red bangles to add a pop of colour to her subtle look. The groom wore a white sherwani. Her daughter and two sons also wore white to go with the theme.


The wedding was very small and a close family affair. Shaista is happy and thankful for the blessings life has bestowed upon her.

She said, “Of all the things that I am thank full for, my role as a wife and a life partner is definitely the one that intrigues me the most.”


She also posted on Facebook:

But it appears that the newly wed bride is a bit upset about the grapevine surrounding her life. She also pointed out the role that social media plays that can adversely affect anyone’s life.

She added in her blog, “I have read some ridicules information about others, and myself and I hope these stop. I request the media to respect my husband’s decision to stay out of the media spot light, and pray that we all spread the truth and love whenever we get the chance.”

Shaista is presently in talks for her comeback on the television. She has promised to share the details soon.


farouk | 8 years ago | Reply its a mistake of the people who interview and hire these kind of "hosts" with such a low mental level, not only shaista but there are so many other hosts who really have no education no vision and no knowledge, they give their job to the researchers who look at internet and provide them some information and next morning they read it out. when they have to get involved in an intellectual discussion their participation is so low and the questions they ask sound very childish. if some one is being watched at homes of millions of people (mostly less educated ) so its the job and duty of the host to educate them and provide them with the best things to be successful in life while managing every thing within limited resources, rather than teaching poor people that how to cook a 3000 rupees dish at home , and how to choose a 30000 dress from a boutique, which most expensive make up to buy, etc etc. all less educated and less capable hosts please think about your responsibility and do your part to make the lives of people better rather ruin them.
Rashid Dar | 8 years ago | Reply She should have married Dr. Amir Liaqat, it would have been a better match. Provided the good doctor is interested in anyone other than himself.
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