#NoMakeUpSelfie: What do you think of these beauties without make up?

We think all these celebs look beautiful with or without make up!

Sajja Shah July 14, 2015
Makeup creates illusions that make them look like beauty queens. PHOTO: FILE

KARACHI: Aren't we all in awe of the beauties we see on television? Their flawless skin, toned bodies and perfect hair - they are breathtakingly glamorous. But then we all know that make up can pull tricks and create illusions that can make anyone look like a beauty queen.

Here we have complied Instagram photos of celebrities who went without makeup. You be the judge of who looks dazzling and who looks like a disaster.

Malaika looks a little tired but yet beautiful with her hair in a careless updo and a bathrobe.

Mawra has flawless skin. She can totally pull the 'no makeup' look.

We feel that make up just adds years to Anushka's face. The 27-year-old Bollywood beauty looks much younger without make up. But we will prefer her with a little touch of colour.

We are so used to Bipasha's smouldering eyes that when we see Bips without makeup we feel we're looking at an entirely different person.

Sonam Kapoor is not very keen on going without make up but we can tell that with that smile of hers she doesn't need any makeup at all.

We can hardly recognize Mathira without all that make up!

Nargis Fakhri reminds us totally of the girl-next-door prototype without any artificial colors on her skin.

Alia says she is not well and yet she looks so adorable.

Shraddha's clear skin and those green eyes are more than enough to take anyone's breath away.

Sunny Leone looks absolutely stunning. It is evident that she uses makeup only to enhance her features not transform them.

Mehwish is gorgeous with or without makeup.

Volumes can be written on Sonakshi's huge sparkling eyes and apple cheeks. Absolutely radiant!

Urwa looks beautiful but we'll vote for make up!

This picture can be best described in two words: simple and beautiful.


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