5 kinds of people you meet at iftar parties

‘Tis the season for Iftaris. And there, we meet all kinds

Entertainment Desk July 02, 2015
‘Tis the season for Iftaris. And there, we meet all kinds. PHOTO: NOMI ANSARI IFTAR PARTY 2014

From the rishta aunties who haunt you with a billion questions to the uncle who cannot stop boasting about his achievements every two seconds. A gathering of sorts, iftar parties this season are sure to keep you entertained.

See if you can identify with the following types of people:

1. The kitty party aunty

She is immaculately dressed in the latest attire, most probably donned in cigarette pants and a short kurti whether it suits her or not. Her sole purpose to be at the iftar is to show off her latest Sana Safinaz jora. She sweeps back her perfectly blow-dried hair with her neatly manicured fingers to flash her shiny trinkets, and carefully perches the dupatta on her head when the Maghrib azaan is heard, making sure her hair doesn't ruin. She gives all the other women a body check and weighs their fashion against hers with smug satisfaction.


2. The flustered hostess

She has big shoes to fill. The last iftari she was invited to was her sister-in-law’s, which had three different kinds of samosas, four kinds sharbat, five types of chaats and seven kinds of fried savouries, dinner was more like a buffet with a multitude of dishes. She has to outdo or do just as much to prove her standing in the khandaan; the main reason why she had to host the event. She is seen frantically running around getting last minute food items on the table and faking a smile as she flitters from the hot kitchen to the air-conditioned living room.


3. The well-connected middle-aged businessman

He is as boastful as his wide waistline and can hardly keep blabbering his credentials to everyone in the room. He is full of anecdotes for the young ones venturing into the world of business and is a pseudo know-all. All the big projects signed in our country thus far have been because of him, and claims to have connections and yaari with every bigwig in Pakistan. He has a big appetite - a nightmare for the hostess - always demanding piping hot tea at the wrong time. He is closely guarded by the quiet but well-maintained trophy wife.


4. The bored teenager forced to come

No matter how many times his mother pesters him (politely while giving him the death stare) to get up for Maghrib, he continues to make faces for a Snapchat click and captions it “bored, dying!” He nibbles on the iftar, and rushes out right after opening his roza to meet his friends.


5. The human questionnaire

From the moment the iftar begins till moment it ends, this person refuses to leave your side. A more adequate name would be chipkoo. You won't even have the privilege to take a bite of the pakora in peace without answering the endless questions you're badgered with. From your work to your weight, age and marital status, this person wants to poke their nose into everything and anything. Best to stay on the other side of the room to avoid being hounded.



goldconsumer | 7 years ago | Reply Perfect representation of a burger party's iftaar dinner. Sadly, most of the average class cant afford such things. Actually they do fast first if all..
Stranger | 7 years ago | Reply @amin: Like Me. And whats wrong with it ?
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