Hamza Ali Abbasi turns social media into a war zone

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Imaan Mazari are at war supporting their stances on legalisation of gay marriages

Entertainment Desk June 29, 2015
Hamza Ali Abbasi and Imaan Mazari are at war supporting their stances on legalisation of gay marriages. PHOTO: FILE

Entitlement of opinion is a luxury only human race enjoys. Hamza Ali Abbasi is known to have an opinion on almost everything that stirs up controversy -- the most recent one being his stance on the legalisation of gay marriage in the US. 

As we reported earlier, Hamza put up a status on Facebook expressing his disappointment at people in Pakistan celebrating the US Supreme Court judgment. He has since edited his post multiple times probably because he just kept wanting to add more without breaking the impact of his opinion.

He then edited it to redefine 'human equality' because apparently he feels a lot of people are butchering the notion with a kleaver.

And the novices must know what tolerance is about.


But when the 12-year-old showed his innocent inquisition, Hamza sensed the danger that the minds of the youngsters might get polluted.

Hamza and his guesses..

The actor also changed his Facebook profile picture:

He doesn't seem to be active on Twitter but the issue at hand was so serious it prompted Hamza to share his opinion there was well:

The reactions to his posts were extreme. Some showed support, others opposed.

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Here are different reactions compiled from social media that followed Hamza’s opinion on the legalisation of gay marriage in the US:





An interesting debate started when Imaan Hazir Mazari, daughter of Shireen Mazari -- spokesperson of PTI -- raised her voice in favour of gay marriages.

The debate led to two trends on Twitter, one to report Imaan Mazari and the other to ban Hamza Ali Abbasi


And there are some users who still have no clue what's going on:

And some are just having fun:

And there is one with twisted hopes:


Karima Santosh | 6 years ago | Reply @Zeta is so correct: "Being GAY is not a choice that is why they choose to get their heads bashed, to get killed, to lose their jobs, to be denied basic? Remove the cobwebs of ignorance why would be people chose a life where they have to tolerate such danger. When gay men & women were allowed to have or adopt kids, religious bigots screamed that their children would be gay !! When data shows most gay parents have straight children in a similar fashion have produced gay children. The health of marriage that is determined by many religions between a man & woman in most country is in shambles & that has NOTHING to do with same sex marriage. MARRIAGE EQUALITY LOBBY spent billions with Catholic & Mormon Churchess saying regular marriage would be destroyed....th world is waiting!
Hassan | 6 years ago | Reply RIP freedom of speech. Hamza Abbasi can`t criticize the gay marriages however author can criticize whoever she/he wants. #doubleStandards
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