Indian police arrests 109 people for urinating in public

The arrests were made after police took note of ugly pan stains and urine stink at the railway station

Web Desk June 27, 2015

Railway police in Agra has sent 109 people to jail for 24 hours after they were found urinating on railway property, including the platform, tracks and parking lot. The arrested were later released after paying a fine ranging from INR 100 to 500.

The arrests were made after Senior Superintendent Police GRP Gopeshnath Khanna took note of the ugly pan stains on the wall and the stink of urine in the railway station. He ordered his men to conduct a search against such miscreants and ordered for them to be penalised.

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The drive was conducted over a span of two days across 12 stations of the Agra division. Of the 109 that were arrested, 27 were caught live in the act on Friday.

"In a special drive conducted at several stations of Agra division, including Agra Cantt, Agra Fort, Idgah, Raja Ki Mandi and Tundla, 10​9 ​men were sent to jail for 24 hours​ and were penalized up to Rs 500 for urinating in public places on railway properties in front of women and children,” said Khanna while talking to The Times of India.

“They were also fined for creating public nuisance by consuming alcohol or spitting pan masala from the window of trains in public place.”

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"The drive is a part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's initiative of 'Swachh Bharat' campaign. The offenders were charged under Section 34 of the Police Act (Punishment for certain offences such as inconvenience, annoyance to passengers or residents in public places, roads, etc)," he added.

‘Enough is enough’

"The message behind such a drive is to convey people, that enough is enough. For more than six decades, our adamant social behavior has not changed. This city hosts millions of tourist every year, we just can't be negligent and irresponsible when comes to showing etiquettes in public for a," the SSP said.


Azi | 8 years ago | Reply Only if, Indian govt. could use that 100 Millionish indian rupees instead of celebrating their defeat in 1965 war and use it to build proper facilities for public use, its people will earn it far more respect. Dying morale of Indian Army is not Pakistan's doing but the blunders it has been committing for a very long time now. War mongering, hysteria, and imaginary victories wont help it.
goggi (Lahore) | 8 years ago | Reply 600,000,000 minus 109 = Indian laughter show
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