Five Thai students detained in Pakistan return home

Published: June 25, 2015


BANGKOK: Five Thai students detained in Pakistan for trying to board a plane with a pistol and ammunition have been freed and returned to Bangkok on Thursday, said Thailand’s foreign ministry.

The men, who were studying at a school in Pakistan, were trying to catch a Thai Airways flight on June 8 when they were intercepted.

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Thailand’s government said an investigation into the students found the men had no links to the Islamic State militant group or any criminal organisation.

“The five Thai students were released from Pakistan and traveled back to Thailand this morning,” Sek Wannamethee, a spokesman for Thailand’s foreign ministry, told Reuters.

The students were released by Pakistani authorities on Monday, he said. He gave no details about negotiations to free the men but added that the case against them would be handled by Thai embassy staff in Pakistan.

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“In terms of the case, it has not finished yet. Thai embassy officials will continue to work on this case until it is over.”

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  • Burki
    Jun 25, 2015 - 11:32AM

    On what basis were these students release? Can we not handle ANY case on our own without succumbing to external pressure and bend over backwards to appease other governments? These students were charged with trying to carry firearms onboard a plane in Pakistan, it’s a case that falls under Pakistan police’s jurisdiction, what does it mean: “Thai embassy officials will continue to work on this case” ??Recommend

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