This Game of Thrones '8os parody will run shudders through your spine

Fan-fiction parodies have taken a quantum leap but this one has beaten them all

Sajja Shah June 22, 2015
Fan-fiction parodies have taken a quantum leap but this one has beaten them all. SCREENGRAB

KARACHI: While half of us Game of Thrones fans are still recovering from Jon Snow’s death as the other half continue to mourn the deceased, YouTube musician Steve Duzz has created a shocker video that has left most of us suicidal.

Fan-fiction parodies have taken a quantum leap but this one has beaten them all: a retro parody of the soundtrack inspired from 80’s music. A parody that has annihilated all bounds of creativity that it calls for another Red Wedding.

Here is the parody:

It's true that a lot of great music came from the '80s with variations across genres and styles. Songs that screamed the overdose of keyboards, drum machines, synthesizers and electronic instruments are remembered and sung till date. But this particular parody of the title track of Game of Thrones will give you an incurable case of Cholesteatoma. A song so shocking even the white walkers died!


Makes us question, who hailed the marriage of music and technology. Grinds my gears!

For those with a taste and liking for '80s music the song might carry a nostalgic effect. Madonna would love it. But this particular parody makes one think of giggly girls and mopey mondo dudes.


Even though The Song of Ice and Fire sounds more like some song of rage and bulls, kudos to the musician for creating this cringe-worthy track so authentically that it is hard to believe that it is made in 2015. And of course, the video to go with it is classic. The grainy visuals and distortions of the VHS experience that was almost lost to the history has not only been restored but made rad with the GoT song.

Imagine the beat playing when Mountain crushed the Viper’s eyeballs and smashed his skull or when The Knight of the Flowers, Loras Tyrell unmounted the opponent jouster taking advantage of his mare on heat or on the battlefield of Blackwater Bay or when the heads of all those lords went on spikes and even when the filles de joie of King’s landing danced around in Littlefinger's notorious establishments. Doesn’t it ruin all?


Thank the old gods and the new that this retro parody is not the original title track!



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