Reply to Zardari: Nationalists demand action against ‘corrupt’ Sindh government

Vow not to let PPP co-chairman use time-honoured ‘Sindh card’ again

Our Correspondent June 18, 2015
Vow not to let PPP co-chairman use time-honoured ‘Sindh card’ again.

HYDERABAD: Sindhi nationalist leaders appear eager to defy Pakistan Peoples Party's co-chairman Asif Zardari from playing up the time-honoured 'Sindh card' once again. Lambasting the PPP's provincial government for alleged corruption and mismanagement, they demanded stringent action against all corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

"The PPP's corruption has destroyed Sindh.  Its Sindh card will not work," said advocate Ayaz Latif Palijo, president Qaumi Awami Tehreek, in a press statement on Wednesday. "The corrupt ministers and bureaucrats should be arrested. Any leniency [with them] will be tantamount to enmity with Sindh."

Palijo observed that corruption paves way for crimes and extremism in society. He cited the public acknowledgment of chief minister Sindh inspection committee's head Haji Muzaffar Shujra accepting rampant corruption in the departments of the provincial government. "Sindhis will foil Zardari’s manoeuvre of playing the Sindh card again."

Meanwhile, Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party’s chairman Dr Qadir Magsi observed that the law enforcement authorities carrying out security operation have exposed corruption of the provincial ministers and advisers. “Zardari’s anger is an instinctive reaction to save himself,” said Magsi in a press release. "And, this has nothing to do with democracy or rights of Sindh."

He advised the people of Sindh not to get influenced by the fiery expression of such sentiments against the army. “Asif Zardari has made MQM its centre of politics instead of the people.”

Sindh Nationalist Party's chairman Ameen Bhambro demanded that the people responsible for corruption in the provincial government should be arrested and the looted national wealth should be recovered. "The people, the media and other organizations have been complaining for a long time that large-scale corruption was happening and Sindh’s wealth is being plundered."

Published in The Express Tribune, June 18th, 2015. 


Salman - SK | 7 years ago | Reply @Radiohead: Good question. Though he may not have won a provincial seat in 2003, do not equate that with Palijo family's contributions for the people of Sindh. Remember that Fatimah Jinnah, sister of our Quaid could not win against the military dictator of the time?? Edhi Sahib when, I am forgetting what year it was in the 1990s, escaped Pakistan to live in the U.S. for a few years, because, as he said himself, his life was being threatened by a political party in Karachi at that time, cannot win a seat in most localities of Karachi if he choose to run. Is that a measure of his popularity or his contributions to humanity??? Palijo's father, Rasool Buksh, was asked by Chairman Bhutto several times to join PPP. And, he could have easily served as a Federal or Provincial Minister, whichever he chose, but opted to voice opinions in the interest of the people, suffered because of it and several times served prison sentences during the rule of many dictators. Many people of our Urdu speaking community, and I speak as one, have public images of the nationalist leaders as they are against us. But, nothing can be further than the truth,. We need more political awareness, knowledge, and maturity to understand the issues confronting us as a nation. Otherwise we will continue to elect leaders who run on ethnic, linguistic, or religious lines, but are corrupt to the core. More than anything we need a movement to unite us as a people who understand that united we will prosper and succeed, and divided we will all get destroyed. And even more than that, we need extra-constitutional forces to stay away from running the country, so people can develop the political maturity I am talking about.
Solo Hunter | 7 years ago | Reply All corrupts should be dragged in courts. PPPP its enough, for your information sindhis are no more with you, you have looted in the name of sindh, this province is lacking behind just because of you (PPPP).
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