Amid rising tensions, Modi reaches out to PM Nawaz

Modi calls PM to extend wishes for Ramazan; announces decision to release Pakistani fisherman on 'pious' occasion

Abdul Manan June 16, 2015

As Indian ministers continue to spew anti-Pakistan vitriol, Indian premier Narendra Modi called on Tuesday his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif.

"Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called PM Nawaz and greeted him on Ramazan," a PM House statement read. Modi also tweeted some details regarding his conversation with the prime minister, while announcing the Indian government's decision to release detained Pakistani fishermen.

Felicitating Indian premier's decision to release the fishermen, Nawaz Sharif later announced that Indian fishermen detained in Pakistan would also be released forthwith as a gesture of goodwill.

Modi also expressed his desire for cordial relations with Pakistan -- a sentiment that was reciprocated by Nawaz who said Pakistan and India should set aside their differences and work for peace in the region.

The phone call reportedly lasted five minutes.

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Relations between Pakistan and India have been tense recently as Modi during his visit to Bangladesh not only accused Pakistan of terrorism but also acknowledged the Indian government’s role in the break-up of Pakistan in 1971. His cabinet members were more vocal and suggested that India should support terrorists to neutralise terrorists. Some even threatened carrying out ‘surgical strikes’ against terrorists inside Pakistan.

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On his recent visit to China also, the Indian premier had reportedly opposed the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, fearing the project might be used in future for military purposes, sources claimed.


Rex Major | 6 years ago | Reply @Afzal: I want to ask you why you think our 71 defeat was worse than the one you suffered in 1962 vs China. Sure, the answer is: India's size, population was not reduced by half and no 90,000+ soldiers were POWs for 3 years in a country considered enemy - and they were treated humanely by the victors. Does this succinct answer help you? Although you guys claim that every Pakistani soldier is worth more that 10 - 51 - 20 (say the number you prefer) Indian soldiers, let me assure you Lt. Gen Aurora GOC-in-C Eastern Command did not have a million troops under his command.
Afzal | 6 years ago | Reply @Cool Henry: I have touched on some of the points you have raised my other comments. As for Malala your information is incomplete and yet you guys dare fly over from a nearby gutter called India to unload your obsession on this page. Two of malala's assailants (directly involved in shooting) were actually punished by the court while enough evidence was not presented against those indirectly involved, thus as expected they were released. Given the challenges Pakistan inherited it has been essential to maintain a strong army to keep off evil eyes. And it will, when called , come to assist as at present , dealing with traitors and terrorists acting as proxies. As for the quality of our soldiers and your reference to 1971 you need to listen to FM Monekshaw of Indian army and you will know. Without going into detail and reasons for our army's defeat you guys have thrived ,and still are, on your one time clear victory. Against our three times less resourced and numbered. Explain how many times our army has surrendered to your army? And what has happened since 71, apart from India bleeding non-stop! We took stock of the aspects of our defence and despite being resource starved turned our country into a military power that must scare you down to your asz. I want to ask you why you think our 71 defeat was worse than the one you suffered in 1962 vs China. Read accounts or ask your elders what happened. In 1962 as opposed to our surrender shame your soldiers simply fled like rats, hiding wherever they found a hole as soon as they faced the Chinese soldiers. They say that the rats did not come out for a while even as the Chinese had withdrawn. What other example of a shameful and shortcut to cowardice can there be in any military history. The humiliation was so shocking that even today you guy feel a cold shiver down your spine, making you loose your sphincter control. One would not be surprised if your defeat has become written on you as your gene marker. I want to ask how you cope with that history...we want to see if we too can use your remedy. I certainly agree with you on the issue of Pakistani nukes. It embarrasses me too when a Pakistani makes a ready mouthful statement about nuclear weapons, in fact stupids are the people who behave that way. Anybody talking of nukes looks like an insecure but there are Hawks in every nation who would be ready to say anything that comes to their mind. Did our PM or army chief talk of nukes as mentioned by you?....never because they know their strength and do not need to feel insecure except when we are actually about to bomb you. Hope that will never happen as we can deal with you in other ways. We will never nuke you until you dare enter our territory and we have run out means to kill you or capture you. BTW Many people here would say that we should have ignored the cross border Myammer drama played by your soldiers.
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