Baloch female students boycott examinations over 'frisking' by male invigilators

Published: June 15, 2015
Students of Balochistan University during a press conference at Quetta Press Club. PHOTO: ONLINE

Students of Balochistan University during a press conference at Quetta Press Club. PHOTO: ONLINE

QUETTA: Female candidates sitting for MEd papers announced to continue their boycott of the examinations to protest against ‘manhandling’ and ‘frisking’ by male invigilators.

“If the university administration does not take action against the invigilator and the controller examination we will continue to boycott the exams,” a student said, while addressing the media at Quetta Press Club.

The students alleged that an invigilator frisked’ them in the presence of a controller examination. The students added that when they protested, the men threatened to fail all of them in their examination.

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Further, stating that they support the university administration’s efforts to curb cheating during examinations, the students affirmed they would not allow frisking by male invigilators.

Protest against non-commencement of new session classes

Separately, the hunger strike camp of the students of Bolan Medical College continued to protest outside the Quetta Press Club for a second day on Sunday against the non-commencement of the new session classes.

“The classes had to start in March but still haven’t,” the students said, while speaking to journalists.

“Entry test for the classes for the new year was conducted on December 28, 2014 and via voce was conducted in January,” they added, blaming the college principal for inefficiency.

The students said they have recorded their protest several times but to no effect. Further, terming the delay a conspiracy against the future of the students in Balochistan, they demanded the government to take notice of the delay.

Members of various organisations also visited the hunger strike camp of the students.

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  • WeatherMan
    Jun 15, 2015 - 2:13PM

    It is cold out there? Why are they wearing that?Recommend

  • Niaz Betab
    Jun 17, 2015 - 1:41AM

    Dear WeatherMan, they’ve the right what to wear and what not. It is their culture, they love to follow it. So your question is irrelevant. Let them have their choice. See what is their problem, not what they wear. That is more important. Thanks. Recommend

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