Whether I'm in Pakistan or India, I speak the truth: Shoaib Akhtar

World's fastest bowlers says Pakistan once had bowlers whom Indian players feared

Nabil Tahir June 09, 2015
I have no idea why people are treating me like a foreigner. PHOTO: REUTERS

KARACHI: World’s fastest bowler Shoaib Akhtar replied to the criticism he had to face while commenting badly about Pakistan in India by saying that he always spoke the truth irrespective of the country he was in.

He was talking to the media after the inauguration ceremony of The Akram Foundation, an initiative by Pakistan’s legendary bowler Wasim Akram to help the people in need.

“I have no idea why people are treating me like a foreigner,” said Shoaib.

“I belong to Pakistan and I say the truth I can’t praise the team if they lose. Pakistan’s defeat makes me angry and whatever I say is the truth and doesn’t matter whether I say it here or in India, the truth will always remain the truth.”

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Shoaib seemed quite unhappy about the condition of Pakistan cricket.

“Pakistan team had bowlers whom Indian players feared and today we are claiming a win against Zimbabwe as historic.”

Talking about the domestic structure of Pakistan Shoaib said that the regions and departments should function separately. This mixed format is making the financial condition of our first class crickets worse than ever as they have to travel by train for a first class event.

He added that restrictions on national team players, when they travel, force them to lose confidence.

“The national team players can never gain confidence unless they are free to do what they want on the tours. The restrictions on the tours will not only affect their game but will also stop them from gaining confidence. They should be allowed to move out and get involved in the culture. Interacting with the people will help them learn English too.”

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Shoaib also commented on coaches in Pakistan saying they all want the big deal.

“No former players are patriotic. They all are settled outside Pakistan and no one is willing to coach the players on zone and regional level. All everyone wants is to coach the national team.

Shaoib also offered his services for free if the need be.

“Pakistan has given me a lot and it is time that I pay that debt back. I am ready to do work for Pakistan cricket without any fee. I will try my best to coach at the junior level and will try to get maximum involvement in the upcoming Ramazan cricket too.”

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Moreover, he highlighted the importance of having a premier league in Pakistan.

“It is very important for Pakistan to start its own premier league,” said Shoaib.

“Like the Indian Premier League we need to pump in big money and I think the tired minds in PCB can’t deliver for that. We need top notch marketing professionals to execute the premier league project,” added Shoaib.

Shoaib concluded with a message for the team who will be visiting Sri Lanka for a three-Test, five-ODI and two-T20 series.

“Pakistan cricket team is known for its aggression and the team should go to Sri Lanka without keeping Champions League in mind. The have to play with courage and tell the world that Pakistan still has the best potential in cricket.”


Adil Uddin | 6 years ago | Reply That's a fact . Shoaib never keeps anything in his heart , plus he was always a controversial figure but never corrupt . He displays his honesty whatsoever . But sadly many Indians would begin to mock and abuse the same Shoaib Akhtar after his autobiography would come out 4 years back. The reason was his honest feedback about Sachin Tendulkar whom many emotional Indians call God of cricket . They think criticizing Sachin is as good as abusing whole of India or their national sentiments. His book was even removed from the shelves in Mumbai due to protests by some political party. Little would they know is that Shoaib would criticize his former teammates more than talking about Sachin in the book. And in Pakistan whoever would mess with Akhtar would ironically get into news for some wrong reason. Look at Mohammed Asif for instance and I guess I don't have to tell what he got into. Anyways very few people can understand the wisdom of Shoaib Akhtar
jssidhoo | 6 years ago | Reply He is a loose cannon if he wants respect he needs to learn how to conduct himself from Wasim Akram .
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