Four murder convicts hanged in jails across Punjab

Published: June 9, 2015


STOCK IMAGE Maqsood and Sanaullah hanged for abusing a twelve year old girl in 1997 which led to her deaths. STOCK IMAGE

Four prisoners convicted for murder were executed in jails across Punjab early Tuesday morning, Express News reported.  

Two murder convicts Abid Maqsood and Sanaullah were handed death sentence for abusing a twelve year old girl, resulting in her death in 1997. Maqsood and Sanaullah were executed in Sialkot District Jail.

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Meanwhile in Faisalabad and Sahiwal, two more murder convicts Abid Botta and Nawaz were hanged.

Abid Botta was convicted for killing a man named Yasin in 1998, whereas Nawaz also killed a person over a trivial matter.

Further, since the moratorium on the death penalty was lifted five months ago, at least 151 people have been executed, but only 23 of them were convicted of a terrorism charge.

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The rest of 114 have been hanged for dacoity, kidnapping for ransom, rape and murder for personal enmity in 21 jails across the country, according to information collected by The Express Tribune.

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  • Aramis
    Jun 9, 2015 - 11:21AM

    Why not Government of Sindh carrying out executions?Recommend

  • Jun 9, 2015 - 12:08PM

    that is good news…….. people like this should be hanged till deathRecommend

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