Pakistan, China will not accept dictation on economic corridor: Sherry Rehman

Objecting to CPEC will do little in the way of resuming dialogue between the two countries, she added

Web Desk June 03, 2015
PPP leader Sherry Rehman. PHOTO: EXPRESS

ISLAMABAD: Commenting on India’s reservations on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Vice President Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Sherry Rehman has said that the corridor passed through Pakistan’s territory, and termed India's the reservations “misplaced”.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Rehman said the corridor will serve Kashmir and the broader region better if India’s foreign policy decision makers were to consider the economic benefits of the project.

"Infrastructure projects are being developed on both sides of the LoC, which impact, foremost, the communities within Jammu and Kashmir," she said. “Neither China nor Pakistan will take dictation from India as to where to build highways that connect people for prosperity."

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The former ambassador added that objecting to the CPEC will do little in the way of resuming dialogue between Pakistan and India.

India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, while quoting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had said on Monday that the CPEC was ‘unacceptable’ as it passed through the disputed Himalayan region of Jammu and Kashmir.

Islamabad on Tuesday dismissed India’s concerns on the multibillion-dollar project as ‘surprising’ and ‘frustrating’.

Sartaj Aziz, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s aide on foreign affairs and national security, said he was surprised by Sushma’s remarks. He clarified the project was meant for regional connectivity, economic development and prosperity of the people of the entire region.


Prada | 6 years ago | Reply Please accept the dictation of Sir Modi.
someone | 6 years ago | Reply Pakistan may not but China might. You see, they have 46 Billion dollar at stake. Plus many more billions they earn from business from India. Now I wonder whether Chinese would give more priority to the billions they are making already or the future bets which may or may not pay dividends. You see, a pigeon in hand is better than two in bushes.
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