Indian family reverts to Islam months after adopting Hinduism under 'ghar wapsi' campaign

The family had converted to Hinduism five months ago after being enticed with ‘lucrative offer of owing land’

Web Desk May 02, 2015

AGRA: As many as 17 people from the Indian city of Agra reverted to Islam, nearly five months after they had 'converted' to Hindusim on December 25 last year under a controversial 'ghar wapsi' campaign.

The conversion took place on Friday at the Mahuar Lathia village in the Achnera block of the district. Those who reverted all belonged to the ‘Nat’ community who are gypsies living in the slums.



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The 70-year-old head of the family, Rehmat, his children and grandchildren all recited the ‘kalma’ and were supervised by the head of an organisation spearheaded by clerics.

According to Rehmat, his son Ali Muhammad had pressurised the family to make the decision, while according to the latter, he only did so when he was assured by a Hindu leader that they will be handed over the possession of land, something underprivileged families in the country can only dream about.

Ali, himself, later converted to Islam as well.

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The Muslim community in the city had reacted strongly to the conversion campaign by Hindus, and barred those who had converted from attending marriage ceremonies. They were told that they could only do so after reverting to Islam.

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Moreover, according to a Mufti of the city, the status of marriage between a couple becomes void if one of them converts to another religion. Therefore, couples among the 17 men and women will have to retake their marriage vows.

The story originally appeared on BBC Urdu


Tyggar | 9 years ago | Reply It is amusing to see Pakistanis still seeking vindication for the creation of Pakistan even after 60 years of existence.
Renee | 9 years ago | Reply I feel sorry for Indians, I really do. Their population is divided, their citizens are split, it's sad. Truly the two nation theory is vindicated, you can't live secularly with people of starkly opposing religions if you are a religious minded nation of people. We are not a live and let live kind of race. Love of religion comes to us naturally as well as obedience to its rulings. Secularism can't exist as it is a flawed concept that goes against human nature. What we read here is an example of that. Religion and spirituality, is by far and large coming from within. No matter how much it is politicized and given financial cover ups etc etc, it is what it is. A true Muslim will never convert to any other religion. And for extremest elements in indian GOVT to expect that is ridiculous. As for those comparing terrorist and extremist elements, well here's the thing, neither the pakistani government nor people are condoning it. We also treat them as extremists. There is absolutely no concept of forced conversion in Islam. Indians, on the other hand, just voted those people in who are now doing all this. So huge difference there...
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