8 miracle foods that burn fat

Certain foods contain fat burning qualities that help you melt fat as you eat them

Life&Style April 30, 2015

Yes, it’s true, you can burn away fat by eating food. According to Health, Good Housekeeping and Women’s Health Magazine, certain foods contain fat burning qualities that help you melt fat as you eat them.

The following foods raise your metabolism, eliminate toxins which help she unwanted pounds and trigger hormones which release fat. Be warned though, you need to consume these foods in their raw form and part of a clean diet, no cheeky business, otherwise you can forget the miracle.

Here’s the list of eight miracle foods:

1. Berries


Although tiny, they are packed with fiber, one cup of raspberries contains six grams of fiber. Because of the high fiber content, eating a few berries keeps you full and prevents cravings.

2. Oatmeal


Rich in fiber, oatmeal keeps you full for hours and curbs any food cravings during the day. Bonus, it helps reduce blood sugar and blood pressure kick starting your day with lots of energy. However, only opt for plain oatmeal, not the sugary kinds. You can always sweeten it with fruits.

3. Almond & other nuts


A study conducted by Purdue University found that people who ate nuts felt full longer than those who ate rice cakes. These crunchy dry fruits keep you full thus, reducing cravings and building muscle without overloading you with calories. Try to steer clear of salted nuts though, the sodium not only retains water making you bloat, but it also raises blood pressure.

4. Beans & Legumes


Full of protein and fiber, beans build muscle, help burn fat and regulate digestion. They are also low on calories and are a good meat replacement. Switch meat with beans once a week and you’ll be cutting on saturated fats and stocking up on fiber.

5. Whole Grains


Ditch the processed foods and add whole foods to your diet. Your body will burn twice as many calories breaking down whole foods and the fiber will keep you from wanting to reach for food throughout the day. Incorporate quinoa, brown rice, whole grain cereal in small doses to your diet, they’ll prevent the body from storing fat.

6. Green Vegetables


It’s always good to eat your greens, vegetables like spinach and broccoli contain high amounts of fiber while packing minimum calories. Veggies also fight free radicals in your body and improve recovery for better muscle building. Take note, iceberg lettuce has no fiber, switch to romaine, argula, or spinach instead.

7. Peanut Butter


This is a tricky one. Although peanut butter contains a good amount of fat (do limit yourself), it is packed with niacin which helps the digestive system and prevents your stomach from bloating. It also helps builds muscle and burn fat. But this only applies to pure peanut butter, not the packaged Jiff jars full of trans fat.

8. Chilli Peppers


These spicy babies will leave your mouth burning and your body fat melting. The compound, capsaicin which gives chili peppers their kick, heats up the body and spikes your metabolism which in turn melts additional calories. You can eat them raw, cooked, dried, or in powdered form, but don't eliminate them from your diet.


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