Bollywood’s 10 fittest actors

B-town actors have been taking gym time seriously, after all they have to show off their chiseled abs to the world

Entertainment Desk April 28, 2015
These Bollywood hunks are sure to make you go gaga at the sight of their abs.

Bollywood actors were not always known for their bodies, the primary focus was on their acting skills which dominated the screen. Now, however, with increasing pressure on looks, actors have to work hard to achieve a chiseled look in order to ‘stay in the game’.

B-town actors have been taking gym time seriously, after all they have to show off their perfectly chiseled abs and defined biceps to the world. The following actors are sure to give women the drools and put men to shame.

Here’s a list of 10 actors who could replace Brad Pitt in Troy (maybe we're going too far...)

1. Shah Rukh Khan:


King Khan was always the Baazigar in films, he romanced women, charmed his way into their hearts through passion but he was never the beefed up hero, case in point, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. However, that has changed, from his first chiseled appearance in Farah Khan’s Om Shaanti Om to his reported nude scene in Raees with 8 pack abs. The actor who can woo his way into any woman’s heart with passion, now makes hearts do back flips with just the sight of his abs.

SRK takes the gym seriously, his workout consists of weight training along with ab work four times a week, including 30-60 mins of cardio every day. But his strict food regime is what gives his body the perfect look, he only eats healthy food and follows a high-protein, low-fat diet, and helps himself to fruit when craving something sweet.

2Salman Khan:


Let’s just say that this bad boy had the original hot bod in Bollywood. Salman, who was the actor who was the first to bear his built physique in B-Town, started showing off his toned body in films after his second film Maine Pyaar Kia (1989). And dare we say? Everyone has taken cue from Sallu bhai, though late, but better late than never. He started the shirtless look with his toned and defined body and he still owns it.

The Kick actor occasionally cycles from Bandra to Panvel and covers a distance of 50 km in 3 hours. He is known to do 1000 push-ups per day and exercises for 2 hours including an hour of cardio. Junk and sugary foods are a no-no for this actor. On the side, this philanthropist helps other actors out with losing weight, a famous example is Arjun Kapoor.

3. Aamir Khan:


It’s no surprise that Aamir Khan geared his body into fit mode, his physique was the only thing lacking before Ghajini. Now this megastar has people wondering if there is anything he is not capable of achieving.

Aamir's 8 pack abs did not come easy though, his regular day at the gym typically includes three hour exercises six days a week. To bump up his metabolism he eats frequent meals a day in smaller proportions and avoids sugar at all costs. For Dhoom 3, however, he dedicated 9 months to lose weight and build his physique. He drank three to four liters of water, didn't load any carbs after 8pm and incorporated High Interval Intensity Training (HIIT) to his work out.

4. Hrithik Roshan:


Judging from his film Bang Bang! it is no surprise that Hrithik landed second in Times 50 Most Desirable Men of 2014. With a lean and ripped bod like his, any woman would go weak in the knees. But it took a while for this actor to get his body in shape, after gaining weight, and dealing with health problems, the actor decided to take control of his life and make a change and he hasn't looked back since.

Hrithik doesn’t believe in fad diets or a grueling exercise regime instead his food includes a large amount of protein and other nutritious items. He reportedly lost a staggering 10.5 kg and trimmed 3 inches from his waistline in 10 weeks for his film Krrishh 3.

5. Akshay Kumar:


After 32 years of working out, Akshay still doesn't have more than a four to six pack, but that's because he doesn't believe in shortcuts; he doesn't take protein shakes, steroids or enhancers. Surprisingly, he doesn't go to the gym unless he has to, he varies between different exercises; long walks, martial arts, stretching, yoga, swimming and meditation.

The man is known to do crazy stunts, he even dared to do dangerous stunts for his film Khiladi 420, but that’s because he is trained in martial arts and is an adventure sports enthusiast. He plays basketball three times a week and mixes various workouts to avoid monotony and repetition. He credits his healthy physique to eating home cooked food and follows a strict disciplined life.

6. Shahid Kapoor:


We don’t know if Kareena regrets her decision to leave Shahid but his ripped body is sure to make any guy envious.

The actor looks this good because he works outs 6 days a week and divides his time evenly between weight training and cardio, he is known to do yoga and swimming as well. Every week he goes for a 4-6 mile jog and follows a high protein diet, low in carbs and fat. He eats five to six meals a day to fuel his body and is a pure vegan. For added protein he incorporates protein shakes to his diet.

7. Farhan Akhtar:


The Bhaag Milkha Bhaag actor can definitely give B-Town actors a run for their money. He had to tone up his body to play the role of an Olympian runner and it was no easy task. The director was going for Brad Pitt's look in Fight Club for Farhan and all that hard work paid off.

His workout was hard and grueling, he trained two to three times a day, and took lessons for cycling, repetitions, swimming, football and stair running among many more. His main source of carbs were fruits and vegetables, if that’s not all, he stopped going to late night parties and would head to bed by 10pm. Now that’s dedication for a role!

8. Arjun Rampal:


An athlete in his younger days, Arjun Rampal’s body represents that of a Greek god.

He works out five days a week targeting two different muscle groups each day. Like Akshay he is not a gym freak and would rather run, swim, play tennis and football to stay in shape, he is also known to practice karate. For him being fit helps improve his concentration, willpower and even his determination. He includes a mix of all major food groups in his diet and doesn’t deprive his body of foods to achieve a ripped look.

9. Ajay Devgan:


Although this actor didn’t always have a toned body, he is now a fitness enthusiast who likes to work out regularly. His meal plan is strictly healthy and he only eats the right type of food, however, he reserves a cheat day once a week to eat what he wants. For his film Singham, Ajay followed a strict low carb, high protein diet and increased the intensity of his workouts. The sequel, Singham Returns, took the actor six months to achieve his sculpted look. It included a combination of core workout, functional training, weight training and TRX to get him in the right physique.

10. Sidharth Malhotra:


The Student of The Year actor could definitely give a few lessons on how he got his bod. He changes his workout program every three to four weeks to prevent boredom and combines weight training with swimming and running. But this bad boy is also a sport enthusiast and enjoys playing football in his spare time. He is extremely healthy, prefers organic and homemade foods, he doesn’t smoke and only drinks on rare occasions.

Although we have only included 10 in this list, B-town has many ripped actors who make girls stop, drop and drool.


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