The ever scintillating Sarwat Gilani

Soon to be a mother, the actor discusses family and leap from TV serials to films

Saadia Qamar April 20, 2015

KARACHI: Sarwat Gilani is not just an esteemed actor but possessor of a blissful persona. Grateful for her ample blessings at home and the showbiz front, Sarwat shares her triumphs and milestones.

Her recent project Baat Cheet is the talk of the town as it is soon to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival, this year.

Discussing her latest enterprise, the television actress has taken a leap from the small screen to short films. Conferring how she got approached by the writer and director of the film, she says, “Rayika, the writer-director of the film is a family friend and after returning from her studies abroad, she had Baat Cheet in mind.” Elucidating further, Sarwat adds, “While working on her story, Rayika had asked me if I would be interested in doing a role in her short film. Only after she narrated the story, I agreed to do it because I instantly fell in love with it.” Talking about working with people on the set of her first film, she says, “It’s always nice to work with people who focus on the end result as a whole and do not see things for their personal benefit but the benefit of the entire project. The team for the film was very professional and the experience was wonderful.”

The short film has exceeded everybody’s expectations and she is honoured to be the main actor in the film. “The reaction we got from the Pakistani press was surely overwhelming and I’m quite hopeful that it will be well received abroad as well.”

Sarwat thinks that film in Pakistan is taking the right direction and the right people are now part of the movie-making business. As to whether she plans on doing more films in the near future, the actor responds, “For an actor, it is a pleasure to be part of an industry that is growing and I want to be part of a progressive industry. I have been working on an international film and a local film in the meanwhile which will release on Bari Eid, this year.”

The actress is also a celebrated painter and is actively involved in interior designing as well. She tries to fit in time to pamper herself with her preferred hobbies. “I love to paint and these days I do find the time to indulge in my passion. I recently participated in a Women's Day Exhibition that took place at the Alliance Franchise in Karachi.” As for interiors, her company NAQSHA by Sarwat is doing exceptionally well; currently she’s preoccupied working on various décor projects.

Sarwat, who married actor Fahad Mirza in 2014, asserts that currently, life is bliss. Discussing her flourishing home front she says, “Married life can only be blissful if your partner and in-laws accept you as an individual, and luckily in my case, both of them do.” She adds, “I am super appreciated and encouraged as an artist by my new family. I couldn't thank God enough for such a beautiful family life.” Sarwat and Fahad are expecting their first child. Due soon, she says she’s excited about the new addition to her family. “I'm currently getting ready to welcome our first baby in the family. It’s a joy preparing his nursery and I’m excited to read him books and be a good mother.”


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Zaki Khalid | 6 years ago | Reply Small correction: It's Alliance "Française", not "Franchise".
Naeem Khan | 6 years ago | Reply Congratulations on your success and the expected arrival of a baby boy.
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